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Periya Thirumozhi 5.7- SarvEshwaran- Sarva rakshakan- Sarva sEshi is Arangan

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 23:20:49 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr enjoys in yet another ten on Lord Sri Ranganthan and says that the 
Lord, in order not to let the present people of the world lose the greatness 
of His avtaars, stays permanently at Srirangam, for them to see Him and His 
avtaars of His in Him at Srirangam.

1. The beginningless Vedas, the Yaagams that are performed with the 
recitation of those Vedic hymns, the VyaakaraNa saasthras, the sabdhams, the 
Jeevans, the Fire, the Earth filled with lots of waters, the clouds, the 
noisy, airy oceans, the hug seven mountains, the space, the – He has all of 
these as a part of His sarIram, - He, SarvEshawaran, is reclining and having 
His Yoga nithrA at Srirangam Divya desam.

2. Indran, four faced BrahmA, Sivan- et al praise Him, with His numerous 
countless, various KalyANA guNAs. He stands as the Father, Mother, the 
bhandhu, the child, the darling of all Jivans, and then is the medicine for 
removals of these bhandhams (relations), He is blemishless natured and 
blessed the same to jIvans with Him as the medicine, He is Bliss and offers 
Himself to chethanas at Srirangam Divya Desam, where He is having His Yoga 

3. The strong, vast, Earth, the Mountains,  the Oceans, the space, the world 
where asurAs live, - everything else was engulfed by darkness, and the 
beginningless four Vedas were losing their lustre, due to this darkness. 
That is when the Lord SavEshawaran appeared as Hamsam, (Swan) and saved and 
gave back the Vedas to Sages and Devas. This Lord, which Vedas proclaim as 
Parathvam is here, for our eyes’ enjoyment at Srinagam Divya Desam.

4. The great, huge, tall mountain of Manthara was used as the stick (matthu) 
and the long thick snake (Vasuki) was used as the rope for churning the 
ThiruppaaRkadal by the Lord.. Like an elephant opening its wide mouth and 
shouting, the oceans made the noise of churning, and the waves arising oiut 
of the churning touched the sky, much to delight and wonders of the Swargam, 
the Devalokams, the Sun, the moon, and all other worlds simultaneously. He 
churned with his four shoulders (that appeared as thousand shoulders). Such 
most wonderful SarvEshawaran is having His Yoga nithrA at Srirangam.

5. How can asurAs live if they even think of that ferocity of Lord 
Narasimhan? From the strong chest of HiraNyan, the blood ran out like the 
stream of water when it was torn by the Lord. The blood came out like the 
water falls from the huge golden mountain. With reddish eyes (due to anger), 
curved sharpened teeth, like large wide open, unparalleled mountain of 
silver stands on its legs, Lord Narasimhan appeared and He is here at 
Srirangam having His Yoga nithrA. (AzhwAr enjoys the Lord as Silver mountain 
and hiraNyan as golden mountain).

6. When Kaarthaveeryarjunan went for the battle, it appeared as if thousand 
mountains are going together. Lord Parasuraman cut those 1000 strong 
shoulders and made them befell on the ground. Kaarthaveeryarjunan reached 
the heaven. Devas praised Him with thousand names, and the Lord reclined on 
the lustrous 1000 mouthed AdhisEshan ThiruvananthAzhwAn, as His bed, on the 
wavy Milk Ocean. This Lord who reclined on ThirppaaRkadal, and appeared 
later as Parasuraman, is here at Srirangam.

7. SitA Piraatti, who has most beautiful, long curly hair, and has bimbha 
fruits like mouth, was made to shiver with fear and was separated from Her 
consort Lord Sri Rama in the Ashramam by that cruel raakshasan, rAvaNan. 
Rama simply decided to crush the gem bedecked golden Rathna crowns 
(kireetam)- all ten- and destroy lankA. All that He did was to aim His 
arrows from the beautiful curved bow to let the ocean leave a way and built 
the bridge with the service of monkeys. This most greatest Lord is here at 
Srirangam having His Yoga nithrA.

8. He is Nirvaahakan (Director) for Kaalam (Time) et al; He is the Chief who 
is worshipped with Homam etc.,; He is the unparalleled anthryaami of the 
Sun, who spans the whole world on his chariot; He is the One who removed the 
soorows of GajEndran elephant; He is Raman who destroyed lankA; He is KaNNan 
who, in order to help Arjunan, hid the Sun with His disc (ChakrA) during 
battle field; Such greatest and most wonderful Lord is here at Srirangam, 
reclining and having His Yoga nithrA.

9. He is the little darling infant who sucked the breast of demon Poothanai; 
He is the Perumaan, who ate the vast universe and brought back later for 
protecting the same during praLayam; He is the Lord who reclined on little 
Banyan leaf; He is inaccessible for even Devas; (But) he came into adiyEn’s 
heart and helps in removing my sorrows; He is Parama upakaarakan; He is the 
cowherd Boy of KrishNAvataar, who lifted the huge Govardhana mountain 
effortlessly to save the cattle from torrential rains; - He is here at 
Srirangam reclining and having His Yoga nithrA.

10. Cauvery river, whose noisy waves bring along the golden particles; the 
pearls; the gems etc., with its swift current, surrounds on all sides of 
Srirangam Divya Desam, where swans swim gracefully; where (Chandra 
pushkariNis, Soorya pushkariNis) ponds are beautiful; where SarvEshwaran 
Lord Sriya: Pathi Sri Ranganathan reclins and has His Yoga NithrA. About Him 
is this ten which is sung by Kaliyan- Thirumangai’s Chief. Those who read 
(learn) this ten, will have all their karmaas  removed everyday.. (as and 
when the karmas come in..)

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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