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Sarva UtthAna EkAdasi : Eippasi 14th ( October 31)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Oct 31 1998 - 18:18:15 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

Today is the Special EkAdasi , when Sriman Hari NaarAyaNan
is said to arise from His yOga NidhrA at KsheerAbdhi 
to bless us all .

My recent Visit to ThiruveLLUr 
During the previous EkAdasi ( Friday , October 16) , 
I had the good fortune of being in the company of 
a parama BhakthA of Sri Kanakavalli (Vasumathi)SamEtha 
Sri VeerarAghavan at ThiruveLLUr (VeekshAraNya KshEthram). 
This Param BhakthA is none other than 
Sri K.G.KrishNan Swamy , the son-in-law of Abhinava
Desikan , UttamUr Swamy and the father of our 
Sri Anand of Storrs, CT .

The extraordianry blessings at ThiruveLLUr 
This visit to ThiruveLLUr is a great experience
and I would like to share it with you . Further ,
many of you have supported the MahA SamprOkshaNa 
Kaimkaryam of ThiruveLLUr divya desam . Hence You
might be interested in the enjoyment of the divya
desa EmperumAn and PirAtti as they enjoyed the newly
constructed aasthAnams after JeerNOtthAraNam 
under the tight supervision of H.H. the 45th
Jeeyar of Ahobila Matam . I am glad to report 
that Sri K.G.KrishNan's tireless efforts 
to serve the Divya Dampathis of ThiruveLLUr 
according to his Kula kramam has led to
the establishment of a base fund of 10 Lakhs
of Rupees including the two lakhs of Rupees 
donated by the AasthikAs of this special forum .
Interest from this core fund would be used
to support Veda and Divya Prabhanda PaarAyaNams
at the two annual BrahmOthsavams at ThiruveLLUr 
according to Sri K.G.KrishNan swamy .

The auspicious combination of Friday and EkAdasi 
blessed us to enjoy the Thirumanjanam of both 
Sri Kanakavalli and Sri VeerarAghavan . I had the 
additional good fortune of doing the entire day's
AarAdhana Kaimkaryam for the divya dampathis 
culminating in the sErthi PuRappAdu . Addiitonal 
blessings for the day were the darsana soubhAgyam of 
the sacred BrindhAvanams of FIVE Ahobila Matam Jeeyars
at ThiruveLLUr ( 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 35th and the 42nd
Jeeyars) along with the shrine for Adhi VaNN
SatakOpa Jeeyar . In the early part of this visit to 
TamilnAdu , I had the good fortune of visiting 
the BrundhAvanams of FOUR more Jeeyars (the 19th, 
25th, 26th and 30th Jeeyars ) at PuLLambhUthamkudi-
Nrusimhapuram .Here at ThiruveLLUr , I had the 
blessings of wearing for a few momnets the original 
Divya PaadhukhAs of the 42nd Jeeyar ( InjimEdu Azhagiya-
Singar ) . This EkAdasi Friday is a blessed day
in my life . I will write about this great sukrutham
in my next postings . I kept  repeating ,
" Adhya mE saphalam JanmA " .

I will try to cover the following Information 
points in my postings .Some of them might be of 
interest to include in the Home Page for Sri VeerarAghavan
set up with Bhakthi by Sri P.Dileepan . The souvenir that I
have brought with me for Sri Anand has beautiful
images of the Uthsavams at ThiruveLLUr .They would
again be of interest for enriching the home pages 
of ThiruveLLUr divya desam .

The specific Information points for planned coverage 
in my postings are :

(1)KshEthra Mahimai
(2)Murthy mahimai 
(3)Theertha Mahimai 
(4)Azhagiya Singar's kaimkaryams 
(5)Thirumanjanak Kattiyam for Sri VeerarAghavan 
   and how it differs from the other well known
   Thirumanjanak Kattiyam for Sri RanganathA 
   creatred by Parasara Bhattar 
(6) Excerpts from Sri VeerarAghava SuprabhAtham ,
    AshtOtthara Satha NaamAvaLI, Swami Desikan's
    KimgruhEsa Sthuthi and UttamUr Swamy"s 
    Sri VeerarAghava MangaLam .

I guess that will keep me busy for  a while.
It is amazing how many memory waves submerge
one with aanandham as aresult of the short seven day 
visit to Divya desams at Oppilaippan Koil ,
AadhanUr, PuLLampUthamkudi , Sri VilliputthUr ,
ThirumAlirumchOlai , Srirangam , ThiruveLLaRai ,
ThiruvallikkENi , Sri perumpUthUr , Hasthigiri ,
UlahaLandha PerumAL koil , ThiruvehhA ,
PaaNdavar DhUthar Koil and Hasthigiri
(Sathyavratha KshEthram ) .

Sri Bhumi laaLitha padhamsrithasEsha Talpam
kalpaantha yOgya bhuvanAvana yOganidhram I
Sri SaalihOthra siasA dhrutha hastha padhmam
Sri VeerarAghava Vibhum srayathAm manO mE II  

Sri Vasumathi SamEtha Sri VeerarAghava 
ParabrahmaNE namO nama:
AdiyEn, Oppiiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan