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About Seetha Mata

From: S H Krishnan (
Date: Thu Oct 29 1998 - 22:11:38 PST

Respected Sirs,
I am not an active member of these most interesting sessions due to my lack
of knowledge about the subject, but I can admit that Iam a very
enthusiastic reader.
I have some geniune doubts about Sri Ramayan, which Iam sure I will be
blessed enough to get cleared through these discussions.

If Sri Rama was clear about Sita mata's purity, why the Agni Pariksha ? was
it for the Dharma as a King ? It could be told that as Sri Rama the Bhagwan
is sure about the outcome of agnipariksha. Then, why the most painfull act
of parityaga afterwards ? Now, if parityaga was the only solution, why the
ordeal of Agni pariksha ? Does it indicate a lack of surity of Agni as the
ever purifier ?

Now if I am looking through Mata's angle all the episodes are painful.
Because of no mistake of hers, she had to leave the Bhagwan, How painfull
it would be, with the demons ! Then, to be TESTED  for purity ! Above all,
finally to be forsaken by the God Himself !

At this point, the obvious thing which comes to mind is " Is Seetha Matha
who is none other than the Universal Mother always at the mercy of the Lord
? "
( In that case, it becomes the DUTY of the Pathi to protect His Patni under
ALL circumstances, which I, wrongly , somehow, feel Sri Rama was unable to
do , when She was taken away by the Rakshasa.)
Now, where is the Karunyam of the Lord towards Her ?
Now in another plane, does it mean that the Divine Mother, the principle
which creates sustains and destroys, always under the control of the
ParaBrahman ?

I beg to look at the above questions as come from a very naive mind, and
request all learned members of this Group to kindly clarify my doubts .

Krishnan S H