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Sriman Madhavakkannan.

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Mon Oct 26 1998 - 12:17:38 PST

Dearest Sriman Madhavakkannan,
    What can I say! I am totally speechless. You have been doing this
greatest ever kaimkaryam of explaining the best ever of the AzhvAr
aruLichcheyals, the thiruvAymozhi, the bhagavadh vishayam. I join
everybody in this bhakti list to sincerely thank you and pray for your
continued service.

    Coming to think of it, this is not at all an easy task. Writing
commentaries for all the 1000 plus pAsurams, which are soaked with deep
philosophical insights is a herculean task. You have done it dear Sri
MadhavakkaNNan. You have the paripUrNa anugraham of AchAryAs! Your
AchAryas would be elated to see you complete this kaimkaryam so
successfully. (" eenRa pOdhilum peridhuvakkum, than maganai sAnROn enak
kEtta thaay" - thiruvaLLuvar)

    We are truly blessed, and to add an excellent flavour to it, you
chose the day for the Grand Finale to be none other than Sri maNavALa
mAmunigaL's thirunakshathram. He was unquestionably one of the best
connoisseurs of thiruvAymozhi. This is a fitting tribute to the great
and most loved AchAryan.

    I whole heartedly share your views on the unfortunate polarisation
in the recent times. Sri Ramanujar, Sri vEdhAntha dEsikar, Sri maNavALa
mAmunigaL and any AchAryan would feel very very sorry to see us split.
It is just an exhibition of our inherent ahankAram, isn't it? . Let us
keep reminding ourselves of our great lineage of AchAryans and how we
lowly samsAris are blessed immensely to be born in this tradition.  We
should try and do some justice to this great boon that has been showered
upon us.

Best Regards,

thiruvallikkENi VijayarAghavan
PS: I got very nostalgic reading the last 3 pAsurams. I recited them (to
myself, at work! ) slowly in the traditional, beautiful, way and it was
an excellent feeling, I must say.
Thanks Sri mAdhavakkaNNan.

Vijay Triplicane