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Thiruvaaymozhi 10.10- ippaththaRindhaar piRandhaar uyarndhE.

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Oct 25 1998 - 17:56:07 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ENCOURAGEMENT. I am more excited, as the GRAND finale is on the day of 
Sri ManavaaLa MaamunigaL Thirunakshathram, the One who had the rare 
distinction of being a teacher to the Lord Himself. Sri Manavala 
Mamunigal (1370- 1443 A.D.) wrote commentaries and propagated the 
teachings of the Azhwars, Acharyas and Ramanuja and had highest regard 
for Swami Desikan. At the instance of Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam, the 
temple festivals were stopped for one year to enable the Lord Himself to 
listen to the brilliant expositions on the Thiruvaaymozhi by Sri 
Mamunigal based on the commentaries of luminaries. Incidentally he had 
his Sri Bhashyam kaalakshepam from Swami Desikan’s disciple Sri 
Brahmatantraswami. ( It is unfortunate that the polarisation has taken 
place afterwards. With due respects to each samparadyam, let us continue 
to follow our respective AchAryA’s upadEsams, as we have been doing so 
nicely across the net in this group. We are sure our dearest greatly 
revered Sri Ramanujacharya would NOT like to see us split. ). 
“Raamaanujaarya Divyaagnyaa vardhathaam abhi vardhathaam.” 

In one of the works of Sri Manavala Mamunigal's ``Arti Prabhandam'', a 
verse points out that we are the fortunate recipients of Lord 
Ranganatha's grace, privileged to dwell in the holy place, Srirangam, 
have obtained the sweet words (hymns) of NammAzhwar and granted the boon 
to read the teachings of Madhurakavi Azhwar; gained knowledge bequeathed 
by our Acharyas and have time to meditate upon them. The last line shows 
the greatness of the saint, ``Blessed are we without harbouring any 
jealousy towards other people's affluence.''

 (I am sorry; I became emotional and have digressed!).

This entire series is my humble submittal with all humility at the feet 
of our KulaPathy NammAzhwAr and AchAryAs and I hereby seek their pardon 
for all my wrong/misinterpretations (committed unintentionally) of this 
Bhagawadh Vishayam. It is my parama bhAgyam to be an instrument to 
perform this kaimkaryam, an attempt which adiyEn undertook without 
knowing at all, the depths and challenges, it calls for. I was foolish 
and rash enough to rush where even “angels fear to tread”. It was with 
the anugraham of my AzhAryAs, grace of Divya Dampatis (who all must have 
been shocked to see my rash, brazen behaviour of entering into 
attempting this, when stalwarts and exalted souls only did attempt at 
Thiruvaaymozhi. They immediately were so merciful and rushed to bless my 
posts so that the negative effects were all removed then and there). It 
was all just a blabbering of what I enjoyed reading them. It was not my 
attempt to make the meanings appear simple and easy to understand; it 
only speaks of my limitation of adiyEn’s understanding. All mistakes, 
errors, slips and blunders are all mine. If at all were there anything 
palatable, that was due to AzhwAr’s pAsurams, AchAryAs’ grace and your 
devout. Thanks to each one of you for your encouragement. Many of you 
had sent your pats on my back either privately or publicly. Thanks a 
lot, Dearest Sisters and Brothers.  

AzhwAr in his last ten described how he was welcomed at Srivaikuntam and 
how he joined NityasUris there; But he realised that it was only his 
feeling and anubhavam and it DID NOT actually take place. He finds 
himself again stuck in this materialistic life only. Even after knowing 
AzhwAr’s helplessness situation, his ananyagathithvam (having no one 
else to save him but Sriman Narayanan) and even after his entering into 
the abode of His Feet and having realised his eternal servitude, still 
why does He leave me like this letting me suffer here. With his dvarai, 
increasing and his aarrthi growing, he cried with tears rolling down his 
cheeks incessantly and surrendered to the Lord with Parama bhakthi. 
Emeprumaan also melted at AzhwAr’s Bhakthi and appeared in front of 
AzhwAr, cut asunder his prakritti sambhandham and took him to join him 
with His adiyaars. AzhwAr, gratefully sings that in his last pasuram of 
this ten. 

NampiLLai at the end of his introduction of this ten, says :” 
SarvEshawaran is the Master of this Prabhandham. This Prabhandham is 
avaavil andhaadhi (avaa is “desire” (aasai);). Hereafter only this 
AzhwAr’s avathaaram alone is the puNyam and strength of SrivaishNavas. 
This prabhandham is composed on SarvEshwaran; This is composed by AzhwAr 
with greatest Bhakthi for Emperumaan. AzhwAr is also an avataar like 

We will also read the pAsurams and then their respective meanings for 
more intense enjoyment of AzhwAr’s GRAND FINALE. 

1. muniyE! naanmuka NnE!mukkaN Nappaa*  en pollaak
kanivaayth thaamaraikkaN karu maaNikkamE! en kaLvaa/
       thaniyEn aaruyirE! enthalai misaiyaay vandhittu/
              ini naan pOkalottEn onRum maayam cheyyEl ennaiyE. 

Oh ParamAthmA! (The One who creates the universe just by a mere 
thought!) Oh antharyaami of BrahmA and Sivan! Oh Blemishless, Big Dark 
emerald, who has the bimbhA fruit like lips and fresh lotus eyes! Oh My 
dearest Robber (of my heart)! Oh Lord who is in me exclusively for me 
(as my dear Life)! After having come to me and blessed me with the 
“sparsam” (touch) of Your Lotus Feet on my head, I can not agree to let 
You leave me like this and go away. You should not deceive me at all 
anymore, who longs to join You right now and immediately. I will NEVER 
EVER accept Your going away from me.
2. maayamcheyyEl ennai un thiru maarvaththu maalai nangai/
vaachamchey poonguzhalaaL thiru aaNai nin aaNai kandaay/
        nEsam seythu unnOdu ennai uyir vERinRi onRaakavE/
 koosam seyyaadhu koNdaay ennaik koovikkoLLaay vandhu andhO! 
BhagawaanE! You should never deceive me. Periya PiraaTTi, who has 
beautiful dark, hair, is there in Your chest most gracefully adorning as 
the beautiful garland on You and adds fragrance to You. To Her and To 
You- I am telling: You affectionately accepted this body of mine 
(without disliking or hating it) and also considered my AthmA as Yours 
(without thinking that it is different from You) and acknowledged me as 
that belonging to You. After all that, hereafter, You should NOT ignore 
me like this. Please take me to the abode of Your Lotus Feet and bless 
me, Lord! 
3. koovikkoLLaay vandhandhO! en pollaak karu maaNikkamE/
aavikkOr paRRukkompu ninnalaal aRikinRilEn yaan/
       mEviththozhum piraman sivan indhiran aadhikkellaam 
               naavik kamala muthaRkizangE! umpar andhathuvE.

Oh My Dearest Faultless Black Emerald! For BrahmA- Sivan- Indran- and 
others who all pay obeisance to You most sincerely and willingly- The 
Lotus from Your Navel is the Primary cause and moola kaaraNam. The Lord 
who has such Greatest Naabhi Kamalam! Oh Param poruLE! The One who is 
worshipped and sought after  even by NithyasUris (who are above these 
BrahmA, Sivan and Indran)! There is no support for this creeper (this 
jIvan) except You. Hence, You should come by YOURSELF (and stand near 
this creeper as support ) and bless me with Your grace to take me. 
4. umpar andhaNpaazhEyO! athanuLmisai neeyEyO!
amparam naRjOthi! adhanuL piraman aran nee/
       umbarum yaadhavarum padaiththa munivan avan_nee
embaram saathikkaluRRu ennaip pOravittittaayE.

You ARE the Master of even the Moola Prakritti, which is beyond 
everything. You are the Lord of all AthmAs (as the antharyaami) which 
live in this Moola prakritti and You are the One directing these AthmAs 
even. You are the Chief of even BrahmA, Sivan and Indran. You are the 
One who is the Vast space and the Bright Fire. You are the ParamAthmA 
who creates the dEvAs, human beings, and all chEthanAs based on their 
karmas. Even after taking full charge of me to undertake me, my burden 
(since You have enabled me to perform bharaNyAsam/Prapatti at Your 
Feet), You have NOT taken me and have dropped me here itself, Oh Lord! 

5. pOravittittu ennai nee puRam pOkkaluRRaal*  pinnai yaan/
aaraik koNdu eththai andhO! enadhu enbathen? yaan enbadhu en?/
       theera irumbuNda neeradhu pOla enaaruyirai/
 aarapparuka,enakku aaraavamuthan aanaayE./

You have quenched the enormous thirst of my AthmA (like the red hot iron 
sucks in the water poured on it) and have drunk me completely. Thus, You 
have become my INSATIABLE NECTAR (aaraa amudhan- I never get satisfied 
enjoying You!). When such is the case, How can You ignore me like this 
and throw me out here now? Sarva sakthan – Sarva yagnan- Sarva 
vallabhan- IF “YOU”- the Great “You”- abandon me like this, “asakthan”- 
helpless lowly janthu- with none to help me out-  what will adiyEn do? 
Which way shall adiyEn undertake? And How will adiyEn ever reach ? and 
which one should adiyEn reach? (There is nothing worth reaching for if 
You are not there since “You” have abandoned me). aiyO! Is there 
anything that belongs to me at all? No! What is mine and Who is “I”? 
Even “I” does NOT exist. It belongs to You only. adiyEn is NEVER 
independent. adiyEn was – is and will be Your property only. Hence, The 
One who always protects Your articles, should protect this property also 
(i.e adiyEn). You should not leave adiyEn.
6. enakku aaraavamudhaay enadhaaviyai innuyirai/
manakku aaraamaimanni uNdittaay ini uNdozhiyaay/
        punakkaayaa niRaththa pundareekakkaN senganivaay/
unakkERkum kOla malarppaavaikku anbaa!!en anbEyO!/

Oh Lord! The One who has such a lovely colour, as that of “Kaayaampoo”! 
Oh Lord! The One who has fresh just bloomed Red Lotus flower like eyes 
and Red bimbhA fruit like lips! OH Lord The One who has EUQALLY 
the Love and affection personified (towards me especially)! My Love! You 
enjoyed this “dirty” body of mine and my sweet AthmA, to the fullest 
extent of your heart’s satisfaction. Now You should enjoy the remains 
too. (Please take me!)
7.     kOla malarp paavaiku anbaakiya en anbEyO!/
neela varai yiraNdu piRai kavvi nimirndhadhu oppa/
       kOla varaakam onRaay nilam  kOttidaik konda endhaay!/
neelakkadal kadaindhaay! unnaip peRRu inippOkkuvanO?/

Since You are the Greatest enjoyment happiness for the Most Divinely 
Beautiful Periya PiraaTTi MahA Lakshmi, (the One who sits close and next 
to You,) You are the enjoyment and happiness of mine too (as I am Periya 
PiraaTTi’s possession. I am amma chellam!) Similar to a Huge Blue 
mountain, raising with two crescent moons on its top, You came out of 
the Oceans with the Earth on Your tusks, during Your Varaaha avataar! 
(AzhwAr is damn smart! He gently reminds the Varaaha charama slOkam by 
narrating His Varaaha avataar and hints that it is His responsibility to 
take care of him now since AzhwAr had already performed his prapatthi.) 
Oh Lord who churned the Blue Ocean! After getting You as my refuge, Will 
I ever leave You? NEVER.  (“unnaip peRRu inippOkkuvanO?” NampiLLai’s 
commentary is: In as much You struggled for getting BhUmi PiraaTTi and 
Periya PiraaTTi, You struggled for getting to me too, and now after 
getting me, if You decide to leave me, will I let You go away?) 

8.    peRRinip pOkkuvanO unnai en thanip pEruyirai/
uRRa iruvinaiyaay uyiraayp payanaay avaiyaay/
      muRRa immoovulakum perun^ thooRaay thooRRil pukku/
muRRak karandhoLiththaay! en muthalthani viththEyO!

You are the “nirvaahakan” (the Director?) for the puNya paapa karma 
vinais, that engulf the AthmA. You are the “nirvaahakan” for the AthmA 
itself, which is bounded by karmAs. You are the One who grants happiness 
and sorrows. You created the Big vast these three dirty samsaaric worlds 
and You entered and hid Yourself into them without being seen or 
comprehended by anyone. You are the Seed and Primary essence to me. 
After getting hold of such Greatest “You”, can I let You slip out? 
9.   muthalthani viththEyO! muzhumoovulagu aadhikkellaam/
mudhal thani unnai unnai enai_naaL vandhu kooduvan_naan/
       mudhal thani angum ingum muzhumuRRuRu vaazh paazhaay/
mudhal thani soozhndhakanRu aazhndhu uyarndha mudivileeyO! 

Oh Primordial Chief and the Cause of all three “kaaraNams* in all three 
worlds! You have manifested in every particle and everywhere; You, the 
unparalleled, unbounded, limitless, Lord- Chief, are the Director and 
Chief of Moola Prakaritti, (that helps all AthmAs, within and beyond the 
Universe, enable get blessed with various bhOghams and mOkshams) . You 
are the antharyaami (AthmA ) of all AthmAs. This Athma tatvam spreads 
out in all eight directions, surrounds everywhere, goes deep down , and 
raises to the highest extent, and thus is completely incomprehensible. 
When will I join this Greatest Chief- unparalleled Lord who is there at 
Paramapadham? (1. * three kaaraNams” (Causes): mudhal- Nimitta (Reason) 
KaaraNam, thani – thuNai (support) kaaraNam; and vitthu- mudhal (Prime) 
kaaraNam.) (2. “unnai unnai enai naaL vandhu kooduvEn naan?” – two times 
“unnai” (you) appears; why? Reason is: When will I be able to reach You? 
AzhwAr emphasises that he has to reach the “You” who is there at Parama 
padham so specially as actual “You”. So -You You- means You who is an 
“asaadhaaraNa” You (unnai unnai)) ( 3. Third line refers to Emperumaan 
being Nirvaahakan for all achEthanAs and Emperumaan is the AthmA of 
Moola Prakritti.) (4. Fourth line refers to Emperumaan being Nirvaahakan 
and the antharyaami of all chEthnAs )

10 choozhndhakanRu aazhndhu uyarndha mudivil perumpaazEyO!
choozhndha thanil periya para nan malar jOtheeyO!
        choozhndhathanil periya sudar jnAna inbamEyO!
choozhndha thanil periya en avaa aRach choozhn^ dhaayE!

You are the Chief and executioner of the vast, permanent Moola 
Prakritti, (which expands in all ten directions). You are the AthmA of 
Athma thatvam, (which itself is the brightest, faultlessly and 
blemishlessly bloomed, and which is higher than and beyond even the 
Moola Prakritti and with its Dharma bhUtha jnAnam,  manifests even in 
Moola Prakritti). You are so Great of being AthmA of such Greatest 
AthmAs! The above mentioned Moola Prakritti, the AthmAs- are nothing 
when compared to Your Greatest and Grandest KalyANa GuNAs, and Your 
Blissful Form of jnAnam and Beauty personified. Bigger than these Moola 
prakriiti tatvam, Bigger than this Athma tatvam, and Bigger than the 
personification of Your jnAnam and GuNAs, is Guess what? MY DESIRE FOR 
is over and You have satisfied my desire TOTALLY! (NammAzhwAr declares 
that his desire has BEEN FULFILLED! He has MADE IT!)
11.    avaavaRach choozh ariyai ayanai aranai alaRRi
avaa aRRu veedu peRRa kurugoorch sadagOpan sonna/
         avaavil andhaadhikaLaal ivai aayiramum* mudindha
avaavil andhaadhi ippaththaRindhaar piRandhaar uyarndhE.

Whomsoever desires and longs to see and enjoy Him, since He willingly, 
on His own comes and joins them to the fullest satisfaction of 
BhAgawathAs, and removes their diseases and pains, He has got the name 
“Hari”. This Hari is the antharyaami of BrahmA and Sivan also. Sri 
SadagOpar of Thirukkurugoor, called the Lord lovingly for joining such 
Greatest Emperumaan and was able to attain the abode of Parama padham by 
fulfilling his desire. His Bhakti flooded, Bhakti laden ten pAsurams of 
his andhaadhi style (avavil andhaadhi) 1000 pAsurams, are born of Parama 
pAsuram, third line “avaa” refers to Para Bhakti; fourth line “avaa” 
refers to Parama bhakti. NammAzhwAr, it appears has named his 
Thiruvaaymozhi  pAsurams “avaavil andhaadhi”. The last word becomes th 
first word for the next pAsuram is andhaadhi style. You can see that 
"1.1 starts off with "uyarvu.." which is the 
last word for 10.10.11.)

1.1. uyarvu aRa uyar nalam udaiyavan yavanavan/ ….mananE. " Oh my mind! 
you attain salvation by prostrating at the bright shining Lotus Feet of 
the One,- the unparalleled one, who has got everything that is GREAT in 
Him- who has blessed me with jnAnam and Bhakthi which destroys my 
"ajnAnam" (ignorance and wrong knowldege) completely- who is the Chief 
of immortal dEvAs." 

(As a sequel, Tomorrow, I am planning to post on “NammAzhwAr Vaibhavam 
and mOksham”). 

AzhwAr, Emperumaanaar AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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