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Re: venkatESwara ashtOthram - mention of `dwaitham'(?)

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 08:21:50 PDT

At 04:58 PM 10/22/98 +0500, V. Chandrasekaran wrote:
>Dear Members,
>   Namaskarams.
>   I have a question with reference to a verse in venkatESwara
>ashtOthram as said by Sage nAradhA. I don't remember the full 
>verse but I remember a part of it.
>   nArada uvAcha,
>   ".... paripUrNasya dwaitha dhOsha nivAraNa: "

>   Is Sage nAradhA saying of the concept of duality as a dhOsham
>in this verse?
>   I request learned members in this list to explain the purport
>that is meant in this.
>   adiyEn,
>   chandrasekaran.

There are many such verses in bhagavata also.  The difference of opinion
here is this :

advaitis state :  dvaita  or duality is itself an error
visistadvaitis say :  independent duality is an error and duality as long
as multiples are rooted in one as being dependent is not an error but any
object being independent of God is an unreality.

The issue becomes an interpretation issue.  Sri Ramanuja goes into details
in vedartha samgraha and sribhasya to ascertain that what is meant when
duality is denied is only that 'independent duality is denied'

adiyen Krishna Kalale