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Ahobila Matam 600th anniversary Celebrations

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Oct 24 1998 - 08:19:53 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

This is the first input from Professor
Alwar , who attended this week's celebrations
at Ahobila Matam 600th Anniversary celebrations 
as an invited guest for the Vidvat Sadas
presided by H.H. , the Jeeyar .

As you may recall , he is actively developing 
the CD ROM at Mysore on Acharya Ramanuja's Vaiibhavam ,
Sri Sookthis and Sri Vaishnava Aradhana Kramam .
The demo CD ROM was seen by our H.H, the Jeeyar 
and was blessed at Melkote recently .

31 benovolent Bhakthi group supporters have come forward 
and have underwritten the costs of development so far.
We hope to complete the CD ROM and get it ready 
for release before the end of the year .Professor Alwar 
will send every one of the supporters a copy of the finished 
CD ROM prior to release to the general public.

We need another $3,500 for the remaining development 
and production of the 500-750 copies for distribution to
the supporters and interested bhakthAs . I would 
welcome all the support that you can give in the tradition 
of past supports for such kaimkaryams
to complete this pioneering CD ROM to broaden 
the message of Acharya RaamAnuja in every 
Sri Viashnavite Home .Dr.P.Dileepan has 
kindly agreed to receive the contributions from you
and forward them to India as Tax deductible contributions 
on behalf of the North American Ahobila Mutt .

Please let me know of your interest in continued
support to conclude this Kaimkaryam quickly .
I thank you in  advance .I will write about my 
visit last week to AchArya RaamAnuja"s birth place
at Sri PerumpUdUr and the blessings received for
this project at His sannidhi and also at Sri Varadaraja
PerumAL's sannidhi thereafter .  


Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 13:55:06 +0530 (IST)
>From: "M.A.alwar ph 3444975 mall" <>
>To: Sadagopan <>
>Subject: Re:Ahobilam Sadas
>Respected Swamin,
I could not reply sooner , because
>I had been to Ahibilam to partcipate in the holiest of holy function of
>the 600th anniversary of the behinning of Sri Mutt.  It was truly a great
>occassion, and i am glad that i was part of it.  I presented an Adhikaranam
of Sri Bhaashyam in the Vidwat Sadas in the holy presence of HH , 
the Jeeyar and many Sri VaishNava darsana stalwarts, including 
my own Guru, Sri U.Ve Kottamangalam Varadacharya Swami.  
It was a throughly enjoyable, memorable occassion, and I also had
>the oppurtunity to meet many great devotees of the Lord, as well as many
>others interested in various aspects of our culture et al.  I will write
>more about this later. I was blessed with Sambhavanai as well as a gold
>coin having the idols Narasimha and HH Adivan Satakopa Swami on either
>side, HH the Jeeyar.  I also had the previlege of having the "Ekantha
>Sevai" of Srio Lakshmi Narasimha, ie. on the day of Swathi Star, which
>fell on 21st, when Lord was having Tirumanjanam.  I had the oppurtunity to
>have the darsan of the Lord's Paduka, which is part of the original idol
>itself as you very well know..  This was due to the parama krupai of one
>of the swami-s who is assisting in the Sannidhi of the Lord.  Later, the
>Aradhakar Swami also made me have a very close darsanam of more than 5 opr
>6 other divine idols of the Lord Himself, each one of them having its own
>speciality, all existing in the Koil-Alwar itself.  I get carried away
>stating all these thgings.  I will humbly submit before you the other
>previleges also, I had at Ahobila, in the next mail.
>Thanking you,