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Re: Weird or Good?

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Oct 24 1998 - 04:05:05 PDT

Dear Sri Srinivasan :

What you are experiencing is a blessed 
anubhavam . As our minds get more and more focussed
on the SaraNya Dampathis , they appear in our
dreams . It is the benefit of Divya Dampathi's 
grace from our Purva samskArams . The sukhAnubhavam 
arising from such dreams like visiting 
Temples and having the sevai of the ArchA 
Murthys in these dreams is the proof positive 
of  the progress in the anushtAnams and 
sAdhanais energized by Them .

Please consider yourself blessed .
It is a stage of one's spiritual growth .
It certainly is not " weird" anubhavam .
It is mahA prasAdham .


 At 12:03 PM 10/23/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Please accept my pranamams...
>There's something i think I experienced, which I am not sure is either weird or
>A couple of nights back, I had a strange dream. Without going in to the gory
>details, let me be brief here. As I remember it now, I was supposedly
helping my
>sister read (and reading along with her) the divya prabandham. This is not the
>strange part. We completed about ten prabandhams and I was anxious to start the
>next ten. Although I do remember that one of the two was "kanninun siruthambu",
>I am not sure if the other was "Amalanadipiraan or Suzh visumpani mughil". To
>complete the dream (!), my sister refused to go ahead with the second ten,
and I
>was obviously not too pleased. What I find strange here is that I remember
>reading the entire ten prabandhams during my dream. Its one thing to glance or
>skim through something, but totally different to read it. I am conversant with
>both Kanninunsiruthambu, suzh visumpanimughil and amalanadipiraan, but I cannot
>recite these in the absence of a book. Hence, I am confident that I was
>reading (and ofcourse enjoying) from the book. As a side note, Sri Nammalvar's
>Suzh visum panimughil is one of my favorites and I have waited eagerly for Sri
>Madhavakannan's note for the meanings. This dream happened the same night
that I
>read Sri Madhavakannan's posting.
>Several times in the past, i have had dreams of visiting a koil (usually
>Tirumalai), but this is definitely different. Although, I am beyond pleased
>the experience, but I think it is too strange to be good. But weird, that I am,
>it comes as no surprise.
>I would appreciate any input, even if it confirms my weirdness (might actually
>heave a sigh of relief).
>Sri Nammalvar, Sri Madhurakavi alvar and Sri Thiruppanalvar thiruvadigale