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RE: Weird or Good?

From: Vishwanath, Vish (
Date: Fri Oct 23 1998 - 12:02:40 PDT

the grace Sriman Narayana is truly amazing. you could be standing next to
hundreds of people and watching the sunset and He may be completely
invisible to you while being completely visible to someone else. seeing Him
in a dream  -- either in some direct form or in a somewhat indirect form
like you have is considered really auspicious. rejoice, my friend ....  and
pray that  everyone gets the grace of the Divya Dampathis and becomes as
weird as ever... ha, what a blissful state that would be !
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> Please accept my pranamams...
> There's something i think I experienced, which I am not sure is either
> weird or
> good.
> A couple of nights back, I had a strange dream. Without going in to the
> gory
> details, let me be brief here. As I remember it now, I was supposedly
> helping my
> sister read (and reading along with her) the divya prabandham. This is not
> the [  ..>>snip