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Weird or Good?
Date: Fri Oct 23 1998 - 11:03:01 PDT

Please accept my pranamams...
There's something i think I experienced, which I am not sure is either weird or
A couple of nights back, I had a strange dream. Without going in to the gory
details, let me be brief here. As I remember it now, I was supposedly helping my
sister read (and reading along with her) the divya prabandham. This is not the
strange part. We completed about ten prabandhams and I was anxious to start the
next ten. Although I do remember that one of the two was "kanninun siruthambu",
I am not sure if the other was "Amalanadipiraan or Suzh visumpani mughil". To
complete the dream (!), my sister refused to go ahead with the second ten, and I
was obviously not too pleased. What I find strange here is that I remember
reading the entire ten prabandhams during my dream. Its one thing to glance or
skim through something, but totally different to read it. I am conversant with
both Kanninunsiruthambu, suzh visumpanimughil and amalanadipiraan, but I cannot
recite these in the absence of a book. Hence, I am confident that I was actually
reading (and ofcourse enjoying) from the book. As a side note, Sri Nammalvar's
Suzh visum panimughil is one of my favorites and I have waited eagerly for Sri
Madhavakannan's note for the meanings. This dream happened the same night that I
read Sri Madhavakannan's posting.
Several times in the past, i have had dreams of visiting a koil (usually
Tirumalai), but this is definitely different. Although, I am beyond pleased with
the experience, but I think it is too strange to be good. But weird, that I am,
it comes as no surprise.
I would appreciate any input, even if it confirms my weirdness (might actually
heave a sigh of relief).
Sri Nammalvar, Sri Madhurakavi alvar and Sri Thiruppanalvar thiruvadigale