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Re: Ashaucham & Nitya Karma
Date: Fri Oct 23 1998 - 06:13:36 PDT

Dear Murali:
You have observed -
" I may add that for those who may not have received 
MantrOpadesham from an Acharya, they can derive the same benefit 
by reciting Sri Ramanujacharya's SharaNagati Gadyam and Sriranga 
Gadyam. "

I wish to submit that such a sweeping statement can be mistaken by layfolk to
demean the need for Mantropadesam. I wish those who seek to write on such
sensitive issues pause for a moment to evaluate whether they are projecting
the correct message or whether an apparently innocuous remark could convey a
wrong kind of message. Nothing can be a greater disservice to Bhagavad
Ramanuja Siddhantam than misinterpreting the purport and thus unintentionally
misleading the innocent folk

When a Mantra or Stotra is to be glorified, or when Punya Sravana Keerthana or
bath in the holy waters like Ganga Snanam or the observance of Ekadasi Vrata,
etc., is recommended, it is but traditional to extol its virtues in
superlative terms -- as if that itself could bestow the desired benefit of
Moksham. This is nothing but hyperbole.

This is akin to Tamasa and Rajasa Puranas projecting one or the other of the
Kshudra Devatas as the Paramtama. Unlike Satvika Puranas, these Puranas were
written in response to specific questions seeking glorification of specific

These are just exaggerations and people run the risk of falling for these.

Nothing can be a substitute for Acharya Upadesam. At best, extolling these
other things can serve as stepping stones leading to Acharya Upadesam and
consequent resort to Bhakti or Prapatti. This fact may be emphasized whenever
these props are discussed in a public forum where layfolk throng to learn.

Thank you for your understanding.
Anbil Ramaswamy