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Sri Narendran's anubhavams - 1

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Thu Oct 22 1998 - 22:45:16 PDT

>  Sri:
> Srimate Sri LakshmiNrusimha Parabrahmane Namaha
> Dear  devotees,
> namo nArAyaNA. pranAmams .
>  Our bhakti list member Sri Narendran  has sent his  wonderful
>  anubhavams  at chennai to adiyEn and has asked to post to the

> net.  More to come from him later .

>  adiyEn  rAmAnuja dAsan
>  anantha padmanAbha dAsan
>  krishnArpanam
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear  devotees,
> As some of you know, I've come to India for sometime to learn about
> our sampradayam. I hope you all celeberated Desika Jayanthi and Adivan
> Sadagopa Yateeendra Maha Desikan Jayanthi Mahotsavam in a grand way.
> By the Bhagavat Bhagavad kataksha visesa, I happened to be in madras
> during this time not only in madras but due to Desika's grace I
> happened to be in Kanchi, the avatara stala of the great Acharya.
> Now I'll share my divya anubhavas with you.
> I started my Prabanda adyananam on the auspicious Vijayadasami
> (Victorious - "the birthday of the great Nigamanthacharya") at
> 8.00 am in Sri K.G.Krishnan's house. A van was arranged to Kanchi
> by staunch decotees of Vedanta Desikan. Although we planned to leave
> at 12.00. At that time we had doubts as to whether we would reach
> Perumal Koil (Kanchi) on time. But "Desika kalu Karuna Murtih",
> so that His mercy rain helped our boat (van) to float towards kanchi
> on time.
>                         "DesikOme dayAluhu"
> "Kavya sastra vivadena kalo gachati dematam" - Noble persons spending
> their time discussing sastra visaya Bhagavad Visaya. This trip is a
> practical example of the above statement because from the key start
> itself we started chanting Desika Sri Suktis, Divya Prabandam,
> Sahasranamam etc. This happy movement is a good example of the
> following famous statement.
> "satsangathi kataya kimha karoti punsam"
> (Anything can be acehived by associating with noble people)
> This spiritual journey marked the starting point of my philosophical
> journey in Sri Vaishnavam. So "atthigiri aruLALar adaik kalam nAn
> pukundEn". My education of our sampradayam began in Kanchi, which is
> also the starting point our sampradayam viz., Bhagavad BhAsyakAra,
> swami Desikan, and Adivan Satagopa Yateendra Maha Desikan. This is
> only due to the grace of our acharyas.
> As I have mentioned before, we were able to reach Kanchi on time. Some
> how we missed the seva of raja Gopura pravesha of SwAmi Desikan and the
> Acharya waited for us in ThAyAr sannidhi. Even this was due to
> SwAmi Desikan's anugraham as the Acharya would normally be in perumal
> sannidhi at this time. At the time of  swAmi's vibhava avatAram, his
> anugraham was received by a brahmachAri. Now in ArchAvatAram,
> "Parama DayAlu Acharya" waited for this brahmacharin (myself) in the
> same thAyAr sannidhi to shower his "Karunai KatAksham". Dear

> Bhaktas, my eyes showers the Ananda kannir when I think back on the

> experience. I'll continue narrating my experience in the next mail.

> Adiyen
> Narendran
> -------------------------------------