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RE: Ashaucham & Nitya Karma

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Thu Oct 22 1998 - 18:07:25 PDT

I thank Vijayaraman and Murali Rangaswamy for clarifying
the unique position the tirumantra has in our tradition.
To this effect, I also would like to say a word about the
dvaya mantra.

While the tirumantra (ashtAkshara or 8-syllabled mantra)
is recommended for japa from time to time, it is the dvaya
mantra and its meaning that is to be constantly meditated
upon by all of us bhagavatas.  Ramanuja regarded it as
Lord Ranganatha's command that he meditate on the dvayam
along with its meaning until his body fell away at the
end of his life on earth -- dvayArtha-anusandhena saha
... yAvat SarIra pAtam ... SrIrange sukham AsvA (SaraNAgati

The dvaya and its meaning should always be on our minds, whenever
we are walking, driving, filling gas/petrol, sitting idly, 
etc.  It is said that the lips of Sri Manavala Maamunigal 
would constantly be moving because of his unceasing japa
of the dvaya mantra.

Our acharyas have even said that while the tirumantra is
like the milk one buys in the store (vilaippaal),
the dvayam is like one's mother's milk (thaay-paal), 
natural and innate.  This is said the emphasize how
we must live in the dvayam.

adiyen thirukkacci nambi daasan,