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Re: Ashaucham & Nitya Karma

From: muralidhar rangaswamy (
Date: Thu Oct 22 1998 - 13:26:10 PDT

Dear Sri Ramaswamy,

Thanks for your correct observations. It is my mistake and not 
that of H.H. Srimad Poundarikapuram Andavan Swami. The error occured 
while I was typing in a hurry. The sentence should read 
"Gayathri is the mother of all Mantrams and has a status equal to 
that of the Vedas. Since the Vedas glorify the Veda Purushan, Lord 
Narayana, recitation of the Gayathri Mantram precedes the recitation of 

While on this subject, some of the benefits of reciting the 
Gayathri Mantram include increased Tejas, physical and mental 
well-being. In fact, the term Gayathri itself means "A mantra which 
protects those who recite it". This Mantram has the power to ward off 
all evils and therefore occupies a high place in meditation. When 
recited at the prescribed times (Sandya Periods) with devotion and 
understanding, this Mantram confers great benefits. 

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy

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>Dear Bhaktas:
>I have heard Gayatri being the mother of all Chandas. "Gayatri 
>Matah." I have not heard any Pramanam for Gayatri being the MOTHER of 
>Vedas are said to be Apourusheyam." 
>If Gayatri is the mother of Vedas, who then is the father? There seems 
to be
>some communication gap in presenting the views of Poundarikapuram 
>Also, is it not a contradiction to say that Gayatri Mantram which has 
>origins directly from the Vedas is also the mother of the Vedas? 
>May I request Sri Murali to clarify and enlighten me on this aspect?
>Anbil Ramaswamy

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