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Part 9 on Role of dietary Regimen in Control of mind
Date: Thu Oct 22 1998 - 06:16:36 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas:
Presented below is Part 9 on Role of dietary Regimen in Control of mind.
Anbil Ramaswamy
 F.	Items to be avoided with reference to TASTE:
1.	Food overheated so much as to make it inedible
2.	Too much bitter
3.	Too much salty
4.	Too much hot (like chillies)
5.	Too much sour
6.	Those that are too hot (temperature) 
7.	Those that  are repulsive
8.	All liquids from which the cream has been the essence and has been removed
		(except  buttermilk)                          
9.	Old food that had become rotten
10.	Food that smells like mud

G.	Items to be avoided with reference to TIME of consumption
1.	Food cooked on Ekadasi and other days of fasting should not be consumed
2.	Wood apple and puffed rice (Pori) should not be taken during day time
3.	Food mixed with sesame should not be taken at night (also referred in
Srimad Ramayana)
4.	Food prepared in gingelly oil at night
5.	Food prepared with curds at night
6.	No food can be taken at sunrise, sunset and midnight (also referred to in
Srimad Ramayana
7.	Husband and wife should not eat together at the same time

H. 	Conditions regarding intake of MILK.
1.	Milk of animals like mare, donkey, etc., which have single hoof (Vide also
Srimad Ramayana)
2.	Milk of cow that has given birth to twin calves
3.	Camel's milk
4.	Milk with which salt has got mixed up
5.	Breast milk of women (this is also referred to in Srimad Ramayana)
6.	Cow that is pregnant and cow just ready for sexual intercourse (referred in
Srimad Ramayana )
7.	The milk of a cow whose calf had just died
8.	Milk drawn from a cow by showing to it a calf of another cow
9.	Milk that had become sour or bad (also in Srimad Ramaynana )
10.	Milk of cows bearing names of deities other than those of Sriman Narayana
11.	Milk of ewe (Vide also Srimad Ramayana) 
12.	Milk purchased from a Brahmin
13.	Milk kept in bronze vessel
14.	Milk overheated to the point of getting charred
15.	Milk and curd taken of milk of cow that has just delivered (for atleast 10
days after delivery)
16.  Milk of other animals of the bovine family except the buffalo
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