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Thiruvaaymozhi 10.9- A Multimedia presentation of the archiraadhi maargam!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Oct 22 1998 - 01:21:47 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

It is getting closer and AzhwAr till last ten was in the stage of Para 
bhakthi. In this ten, he gets into Para jnAnam. The Lord shows him the 
archiraadhi maargam (way to Parama padham) and AzhwAr is terribly 
excited and enjoys to a great extent. Let us enjoy this Divine route 
with AzhwAr. This ten is a virtual multimedia presentation of AzhwAr’s 

1. The vast, well spread clouds in the sky are so happy to see Sri 
vaishnavas, devotees of Sriman Narayanan, and they raise thunderous 
noise in joy, like beating the large drums; the deep ocean raise their 
hands so high and make loud noise (with their waves) and express their 
happiness on seeing these bhAgawathAs. The seven worlds support them 
happily. (AzhwAr expresses this scene looking at the Srivaishnavas, who 
are on their way to Parama padham)

2. The dark clouds (filled fully with rain waters) appear as if they are 
all “PoorNa kumbhams” kept in the sky, for welcoming the servants of 
Sriman Narayanan. The waves are shouting vociferously and gloriously. 
People in all worlds are decorating with long and beautiful “thOraNams” 
(sort of crepe papers or banners) and paid obeisance to them. 

3. The Rishis of the respective worlds (on the way) offer incense smoke 
to the BhAgawathAs (of the Lord who measured the whole universe with His 
Feet then) and shower flowers on them and paid their obeisance, showing 
“this is way to Vaikuntam”. They come in front of BhAgawathAs and 
welcome them (shouting “yecchariga”) with open arms “Please come ; 
Please come” and stand at both sides, with beaming faces.

4.  DevAs welcome the servants of Madhavan and the twelve Suns point at 
them with happiness, “ Look at them; Look at them (and be blessed!). The 
huge sound of Jaya bhErigai (Big Drum) is like the roar of the deep 
oceans.  (“Madhavan thamarkkE”-means , NampiLLai says: Those who got the 
recommendation of PiraaTTi as Purushaakaram. Those who got enslaved by 
Sriya: Pathi’s Beauty and became His servants. NampiLLai also adds: they 
are so happily welcomed by dEvAs with Greatest upachaarams, and these 
SrivaishNavas are never supported or respected to such an extent on the 
earth and are often ignored. (How true! The worldly people never realise 
the importance and pristine purity of these Srivaishnavas.)

5. dEvAs stand at the entrance at their respective places and plead, 
“Please come in and bless our places. Please take charge of our places” 
and welcome the Srivaishnavas. The Vedic scholars, Rishis, offer the 
fruits of their dEva poojAs at the feet of these Srivaishnavas. 
Kinnarars and Garudars sing meldoiously welcoming them. (Here “Vaanavar” 
(dEvAs) word implies VaruNan, Indran, Prajaapathi and others as pointed 
out by NampiLLai).

6. While the Vedic scholars offer the fruits of their yaaghams, others 
offer the incense smoke and fragrant “saambhirANi smoke” to these 
BhAgawathAs. They blow the Thirucchinnams and Conches. The darting, 
bright, shining eyed celestial damsels greeted them kindly and happily. 
They addressed them as “Oh BhAgawathAs who are enraptured by Emperumaan! 
You rule this dEvalOkam”. (NampiLLai says: The earthly person, when gets 
Bhagawadh Sambhandham, is greeted and glorified even by dEvAs; What a 
mercy by the Lord!)

7. Emperumaan is Gopalan, who is having His Yoga NidrA on the deep Ocean 
as Kesava PerumAL. He is the One who shows Himself in reclining posture 
at Thirukkudanthai, wearing the Most brightest, shining Rathna kireetam 
on His Head. To this Bhagawaan, these Srivaishnavas, have been serving 
for ages. The moment these celestial damsels greeted these 
Srivaishnavas, Ashtavasus and Marudhars have come and started praising 
them continuously.  

8.  These Srivaishnavas, for generations, have been serving Govindhan as 
His servants and are now welcomed by NityasUris, on their way to Parama 
padham and they reach the entrance of Parama padham. There most 
beautiful and lovely decorated flags appear on the tall ramparts of 
Srivaikuntam Gopurams (towers). (In the seventh pAsuram, AzhwAr said 
“Srivaishnavas served the archAvataar of the Lord as Thirukkudanthai 
ArAvamudhan while here he refers to the Vibhava avataar as Govindhan).

9. When the servants of Sriman Narayanan, Srivaishnavas, enter into 
Srivaikuntam, the Gate keepers (Koil kaapaan) immediately welcome them 
and admire them for their bhakti and servitude to Emperumaan, and tell 
them “These Srivaishnavas belong to Sri Vaikunta Nathan; Hence, they are 
our masters and shall rule us herafter” and welcome them. When this was 
going on, and they all entered, those kaimkaryaparars (who are 
performing their kaimkaryams with Ekaagra chinthana and fully 
concentrated on their kaimkaraym to the Lord) and other dEvAs who were 
enjoying the Lord’s GuNAnubhavams, have started welcoming these 
Srivaishnavas. They all are greatly excited and happily addressed them 
as “From earth, they have come here; It is their MahA BhAgyam!” 
(adadaaa! From the earth, coming to Srivaikuntam is so difficult- and 
they have done it! Only by the strength of grace of Lord, and of our 
AchAryAs, it can happen!)

10. The NityasUris, said “Due to our BhAgyam, they all have come here” 
and from their respective locations/places, they washed and cleaned the 
Feet of BhAgawathAs with enthusiasm and happiness. The beautiful damsels 
welcomed them with the Thiruvadi nilai (slippers for them),  
SrIchoorNam, PoorNa kumbhams, and MangaLa viLakku.  

11. These BhAgawathAs – Srivaishnavas- servants of Sriman Narayanan- who 
are welcomed by Parama padhanAthan Bhagawaan Sriya:Pathih Sriman 
Narayanan and VishNu pathni  Periya PiraaTTi Sri MahALakshmi Themselves, 
joined the other Greatest NityasUris at ThirumaamaNi MaNdapam and 
ETERNAL  KAIMKAYAM TO THE LORD. About this, Sri SadagOpar has sung in 
this ten of his 1000 pAsurams, and readers of these ten will sure to 
become sages. 

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

(Let us enter the Grand Finale in our next post with AzhwAr attaining 
the Lotus Feet of Parama PadhanAthan.!) 
Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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