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Re:VibhIshaNa SaraNAgathy

From: narayanan kazhiyur (
Date: Wed Oct 21 1998 - 19:43:09 PDT

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya namaha:
Sri Venkata Gurave namaha:

Dear Freinds, 
i was out of station for some days and hence could not follow the 
discussion on this subject.

i feel i have missed a lot.

however, while i was going thru the postings, someone has mentioned that 
why was people like marricha,etc
 were killed by Sri Rama even when piratti was at his chest.

the crux of the issue is the follwing: 

1. wheneven there is bhagavata apacharam , God does not just care,. he 
please go thru the all the avatars of our Sriman Narayana, demons were 
mostly killed due to their bhagavata apacharam 
as in the case of prahalada.

2. in case if it bagavat apacharam , Here God has discreation,
only here piratti's purushakaram comes in to picture.
like kakasura episode etc.

in this context, it is worth remembering how God perceives the sins of 
the people.

1. if he is a prapanna, he takes it as a good deed.(pl refer to 
Periyalwar thirumozhi-" en adiyar ethu seiyyar, seitharal, nannru 
my devotee, will not do this, even if he does something, it is only 
good. attitude.

2. even if god is angry at some deeds of people, it is piratti, who 
requests him to pardon the sins.
(this is exactly purushakaram as in the case of kakasura..)

as iam sending this posting today, i am sure the above issues would have 
already been
discussed by our group.

kindly pardon me if you consider this redundent.

With respects,

K.M. Narayanan

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