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ThiruppEr perumaL

Date: Wed Oct 21 1998 - 06:05:30 PDT

Dear Bakthi group members,

namo narayana. adiyen's pranAmams.

 adiyen would like to share a small thought which occured to my mind
 while reading sri.Madhavakkannan's  posting Thiruvaymozhi
 glorifying  ThiruppEr perumaL.

 Sri.Krishna premi beautifully describes the stanza "perEn enru en nenju
 niRaiyap puhundhan" in one of his upanyasam.

 Since nammalvar says "perEn enru" it is obvious that he has asked the
 ThiruppEr perumaL to "perndhu pO" and perumaL is not listening to his
 request and decides to stay over (adam!).The question arises
 is it not strange to ask perumaL to get out of his heart while every
 baktha is keen to visualise HIM and hold HIM in baktha's 

 For this sri premi quotes from bagavatham and says that the gopis
 of vrindavan are unable to concentrate in their house hold  work
 since krishna is sitting in their hearts and they say that keeping
 krishna for a moment is okay but if he stays permanently it is
 miserable since they couldn't do their work properly.

 Since the gopis are to maintain the house take care of the cattle 
 and kids their husbands it is understandable that they are
 requesting krishna to get out of their heart but why our
 nammazhvar should ask perumaL to get out of his heart 
 when he doesn't have any such work like gopis.

 Sri Premi jokingly says that if ThiuppEr perumaL stays in his heart 
 permanently then how to accomodate other perumaL who are
 waiting in queue to get their quota of songs (mangaLa sAsanam).
 Probably this is the reason for asking ThiruppEr perumaL to get out
 of heart.

adiyen has no knowledge on the tattavas behind these pasurams 
so please take it ligthtly and just enjoy.

Thanks and regards.

adiyen dasan,