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Thiruvaaymozhi 10.8- ThiruppEraan Thiruvadi PiditthEn piRavi kedutthEn"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 21:24:06 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr is so elated and excited at Emperumaan’s love for him. Bhagawaan 
has a “vishEsha” (special) desire for NammAzhwAr. (Not surprising. He 
himself is a special azhwAr!). AzhwAr in this ten as to how come 
suddenly Emperumaan has changed – He was so indifferent- we were yelling 
for Him. Now what has happened? Then he realises that there is nothing 
and no effort/reason from his end; it is Emperumaan’s unconditional, 
“nirhEthuka” kataaksham and AzhwAr enjoys and glorifies His such a 
merciful nature in this ten.

1. I just uttered “ThirumaalirunchOlai” once. He took this as a reason 
and has entered into my heart and filled my heart totally and fully. 
Such a DayaaLu, Parama kaaruNikO Bhagawaan, who showed so much mercy on 
me, is staying at this Divya dEsam by name ThiruppEr. It is the most 
fertile place on the banks of the Cauvery river.

2. Bhagawaan, who is at ThiruppEr sthalam, has entered into my heart and 
stays telling “I will NOT go from here”. (pErEn enRu en nenju niRaiyap 
pugundhaan”). The One who had such a stomach that retained seven worlds, 
seven Oceans, seven mountains and all beings, and still had lot of space 
in His stomach, is now fully in my heart. I am blessed to be able to get 
Him in my heart. (aaRaa vayiRRaanai adangap piditthEnE).

3. ThiruppEr Divya dEsam is full of tall towers and huge halls, with 
colourful flags, tied to the top of those buildings. For me, reaching 
the Lotus Feet of ThiruppEr Emperumaan has become easier. (How?) Due to 
His grace alone, this happened! I have caught hold of those Feet that I 
was blessed with! Hence, I could get rid of (further) births! Hereafter, 
I can NOT get any more (karmic) diseases! I am able to destroy the 
ignorance/ maayaa ( or ajjnAnam) of  being in samsaaric afflictions. 
(read the pAsuram! Beautiful! (“PiditthEn piRavi kedutthEn piNi saarEn* 
maditthEn manai vaazhkkaiyuL niRpathOr maayaiyai* kodi Gopura maadangaL 
soozh ThiruppEraan* adi sErvadhu enaaku YeLidhaayinavaaRE!”- What a 
Thamizh! What an anubhavam! What a lovely expression in simple Tamil! 
aiYo! ivar azhagenna azhiyaa azhagudiayaar!)

4. ThiruppEr sthalam is so beautiful with cute parrots flying here and 
there in those gardens. There Emperumaan of this sthalam, is going to 
grant me Clear, Paramapadha vaasam. Because of that, my eyes are filled 
with tears (of joy). The eyes stare at the vacuum with cheer. My mind 
drowns in bliss with that thought and is flabbergasted by Emperumaan’s 
unbounded limitless unconditional “nirhEthuka” kataaksham. What a mercy! 
What a greatness! 

5. ThiruppEr Emperumaan has entered into me and has taken a pledge (vow) 
to grant me Paramapadha vaasam. For that, He has entered into this body 
made of flesh, and destroyed all cruel accrued sins (which can simply 
throw me out of gear with their consequences). (Read this pAsuram! Each 
one is so cute! “VaanE tharuvaan enakkay otti/  UnEy kurambhai (body) 
idhanuL pughundhu * inRu/ thaanE thadumaaRRa vinaigaL thavirtthaan/ 
thEnEy pozhil soozh then thiruppEr nagaraanE/”)

6. ThiruppEr Emperumaan is staying permanently at ThirumaalirunchOlai, 
too. Thus, The One who stays at all these Divya dEsams, has come to me 
today and says “I will stay only in your heart” and has entered into my 
heart fully and filled in its entirety. I am blessed to obtain His love. 
Hence, I am immersed in the nectar of His exquisite Beauty and His 
Greatest KalyANa GuNAs and drinking Them blissfully. (….inRu vandhu/ 
iruppEneRu en nenju niRaiyap pugundhaan/ viruppE peRRu amudham uNdu 

7. At this most beautiful place- ThiruppEr – Emperumaan is showing 
Himself so gracefully for me to see Him incessantly and enjoy, without 
leaving from my sight at all. Thus, for me- who has got such Greatest 
enjoyment and anubhavam of joining Him- is there any grievance? NONE. I 
enjoyed even the kaimkayam sukham (by singing these pAsurams), and am 
thus blessed to utter the “Namah:” word at the end also. (“thoNdu 
ugaLitthu andhi thozhum sollupeRREn”).

8. Bhagawaan stays always in my eyes without any gap. He is very much 
desirous of taking me to Parama padham. To think of Him is simply 
impossible to put Him within any bounded thinking /understanding. He is 
incomprehensible. He is the sum total of sweetness of all seven music 
(sapthaswaras?). This Greatest Emperumaan is here at ThiruppEr Divya 
dEsam. Today He has come and entered into my heart. IT IS COMPLTETLY 

9. For ages, He had been simply ignoring me and today, He has taken me 
even as an object worthy of consideration and He- the One who is 
Enjoyment personified- has made Himself enter into my smallest heart and 
stay there. Today, he blesses me like this and accepted me; why did He 
leave me to those cruel five sense organs for so long and simply ignored 
me? I demand an answer from ThiruppEr Emperumaan for my doubt/question. 
(An interesting anecdote reported by NampiLLai: as written by 
Periyavaacchaan PiLLai: Nam jeeyer asked his AchAryA Paraasara Bhattar 
(son of KooratthAzhwAn) as to what could be the reply from Emperumaan 
for this question from AzhwAr? Bhattar immediately replies “ what can He 
say? He is ashamed of even raising His Head and is drawing lines on the 
ground with His toe finger, due to His feeling guilty of keeping AzhwAr 
waiting so long and not having AzhwAr in Sri Vaikuntam”.- What a reply! 
I bet Emperumaan and PiraaTTi would have smiled at each other with a 
beaming face for this reply from Bhattar!)

10. My Father! BhagawaanE! I have been blessed to reach Your Feet! By 
performing kaimkaryam to You (of singing these Thiruvaaymozhi pAsurams 
with love for You), I am blessed to  be able to reach Your Feet. Only 
this anubhavam (blissful experience) shall stay with me forever and 
ever. At ThiruppEr Divya dEsam, Vedic scholars, Sri VaishNavas are 
staying. At such a Grand place, where there is Emperumaan, gracefully 
showing Himself, BhAgawathAs reach and get themselves rid of all hurdles 
and worries. (means: there will be no enemies for Bhagawadh anubhavam 

11.  Sri SadagOpar of Thirukkurugoor (where lots of good, pure devotees 
live), composed these ten pAsurams on ThiruppEr (out of his 1000 
pAsurams). BhakthAs who read these ten, - will make the entire 
neighbourhood as Parama padham. 

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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