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Re:VibhIshaNa SaraNAgathy

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 05:24:30 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,


After reading the excellent posts on VibhIshaNa SaraNAgathy, to add 
further insight into VibhIshaNa saraNAgathy, I was going through Swami 
Desikan’s SillaRai RahasyangaL Part 2.-

1.  Abhayapradhaana Saaram- Adhikaaram 4 Para 39. Says: In Sri 
Paancharaathra Saasthram, Sarvajna samhiththai, mentions five limbs of 
Prapatthi (which we are all aware of : anukoolyasya 
sankalpam…prathikoolyasaya varjanam, etc..). Here, it mentions that 
VibhIshaNan offered his upadEsam to rAvaNan and his supporting asurAs to 
return SithA PiraaTTi to PerumAL and live happily with His grace. Thus, 
VibhIshaNan had performed his anukoolyasya sankalpam. VibhIshaNan also 
left all his properties, relationship with rAvaNan, his spouse, 
children, and all that he possessed royally- and surrendered to Rama 
empty handed, telling He alone is his refuge and he has none else. There 
he performed his prathikoolyasya varjanam. He did not at all fear to 
come to the enemy of his elder brother and was confident that Rama will 
save; His MahAviswAsam was shown there. I surrender to You; Please be my 
savior and save me; He performs Gopthruva varaNam. He laments at his 
past life wasting all his life and time offering upadEsam uselessly to 
rAvaNan and regretfully appeals as a lowly self to Rama to save him and 
had KaarpaNyam. 

2.  After both parties talked for and against accepting VibhIshaNan, 
Rama requested Vaanaraas (monkeys) to lend their ears and listen to Him 
and then consider. (in Adhikaaram 5- Para 63 to 70) "Since VibhIshaNan 
has perfoormed his surrendering to Me with all five limbs, and even if 
he has got wrong intentions (as some of you are arguing and doubting 
him) I shall never let down a prapannan (even he is acting). Imagine I 
need to rush to him if he had yelled from the other side of the Ocean 
and surrendered from there. He has made my job easy by coming over to 
Me. It is like a lame man getting Ganges falling on top of his head at 
his place. How can I let him down? In fact, he has left all his 
belongings, relations, the royal life, the comforts, etc.. and 
surrendered to Me. He did not even have a doubt whether I will save him 
or accept his appeal. Furthermore, he has considered all of you, as 
Purushaakaaram (recommendations) and requested you to consider and 
recommend his case to Me, since you all are dearer to Me.

3.  Rama further adds: " what is the use of doing research and 
investigate whether we need to accept him or not to accept him. Where is 
ME ONCE AND ANNOUNCED THAT " I am Your servant; I have become Your 
property.". Even if his intentions are wrong, (I can manage that later 
single handed) and even if he is only pretending to be good, even if 
there is going to be dire consequences due to my accepting him, and I am 
going to accrue countless paapams due to that, I STILL CAN NEVER LET HIM 
DOWN. Even if it is rAvaNan, if he surrenders, I will accept him. 

4.  Rama adds that the elders will not think low of this action of mine 
as something bad. In fact, they all will hail this action of mine and if 
the intentions of vibhIshaNa are wrong, (which actually is not ) it will 
only glorify our accepting him further. I can throw my enemies just with 
the help of my finger nails. Not to worry that it is going to lead us 

Just to share my enjoyment. How Great is our Rama! How Great is His 
Grace!. He is a Sathya vrathan. Dhruda vrathan. 

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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