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Introduction from Krishna Kanumalla
Date: Fri Oct 16 1998 - 10:24:30 PDT

     Dear Friends:
        Iam Krishna 
     Well what can i say about my introduction, i guess i have the greatest 
     opportunity to live with our lord Sri Ranganatha everyday, well i should 
     say that iam blessed to live in his place.  At times i can really 
     understand why Khulasekar alwar said " Gushyatha yasyanagaraa, Rangayathraa 
     Dinaa Dinaaaa " It gives one the utmost Happiness,  peace of mind, and 
     satisfaction just to have the Lords Dharshan; Shortly  the most Greatest 
     place on earth for joy and Happiness and imagine to serve him everyday, 
     through Daily Aradhanam, and make him roti's for breakfast, and cook 
     something for his lunch, and also for dinner, and finally at night put him 
     to bed with Sri Mahalakshmi, and The Very best part is to perform 
     thirumanjanam during weekends.   They say fortune favors Fools, I believe 
     iam the biggest  fool who's blessed this way. I cant really ask for anymore 
     than this in my Life.  I guess i owe it all to my Grandfather and father, 
     who served the Lord through every part of their mind, and body.
        I was born in a Andhra Pradesh, but pretty much grew up in Madras, and 
     its actually my Grand fathers devotional life is what made me what iam 
     today. I still remember those days where he use to literally talk to our 
     Kula daivam who is none other than Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. Believe it or 
     not after aradhanam and offering the food that's been prepared for the 
     lord, My grandfather use to talk to Our Lord, on how everything was, and 
     is there enough salt, inthe food, and after a few minutes of conversation 
     he would then do the mangala arthi !! After the aradhanam he would never 
     eat until he feeds a bagavatha, or anyone who is Hungry, only then he had 
     his noon meal. That was the greatness of my Grand Father. 
       My spiritual life started when i was around 8 or so, my first trip to 
     lord Jaganath's Rathayathra changed my life upside down,  I got so 
     attached to that lord and then to Lord Sri Krishna One of my Fav deity, 
     the bhajans, and the nama sankeerthana of our lord Sri Krishna is so 
     overwhelming, i use to forget myself in his leelas and his past times.  
     It was just blind devotion, towards that lord Sri Krishna.  I believe 
     that blind devotion lead me to our all time fav Acharya, the 44th Jear of 
     Ahobila Mutt.  I got my Smasrayanam and Bhara-Samarpanam when i was in my 
     10th Grade, then I began to understand the Greatness of our Acharyas, 
     through other Bagavathas in SriRangam.  Believe it or not, the 
     Association with Bagavathas is so important, one can learn a lot from 
     eachother, that was one my biggest all time lesson.  It's so fascinating 
     to say this, but i feel so proud and honour to share this with my fellow 
     Bagavathas.  I believe its only my Acharyas Mercy who gave me this 
     wonderful opportunity to serve his Lord Ranganatha, In America !! Its he 
     who asked to built the Temple of Lord Ranganatha in America, and i feel 
     so blessed to be his servant, and also to serve Our Lord  Sri Ranganatha. 
      Once again, as Kulasekhar alwar says Gusyathaa Yasyanagaraa, 
     Rangayathraa Dinaa Dinaa, i wish all the Bagavathas Move to NewYork, near 
     Ranganatha and enjoy his blessings and If one remembers the words of 
     Thiruppan Alwar, " Yaan Amudhinaii Kanda Kangal Matrondrinaii 
     kaanaadhaa", Yaaap believe it or not,  Our lord Ranganatha is so 
     Beautiful and extemely Merciful, you simply dont have to look no further. 
      I thank everyone who took time to read my few words, and looking forward 
     to meet one another in our Ranganatha Temple soon.
     My General Info: I serve Lord Ranganatha for Living.
     by his grace i have a job as a Corporate Training Consultant, @ Westcon 
     Inc., In NewYork, and iam finishing my degree in Business & Marketing 
     next year. Iam 24yrs old, Hobbies are Bhajans,Philosophy, Photography, 
     Internet, cooking, and Anything fun.  
     My reach #'s Work, 1-800-526-8322ext4375 Home:914-627-6716. 
     e-mail or
     Please forgive me if i have any mistakes at all on this screen. 
     The Servant of Servernts of Our Acharyas & Sriman Narayana. 
     Krishna Kanumalla