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Re: " taittiriiyOpanishhat "

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Sep 15 1998 - 20:30:19 PDT

Sri Rangaramanuja's commentaries are available at Uttamoor
viraraghavacharya's home or book store in Madras.  I have all these
commentaries in sanskrit.  I have copied on to regular 8x11 to just protect
it.  I can make it available to all those who can contribute to the
uttamoor viraraghavacharya's trust, since we are asking them to reprint them.

it has valuable insights from Uttamoor viraraghavacharya.  Incidentally I
have given a copy to Balaji Hebbar who asked me to do the copying.  It
should not be recopied; hence we are controlling the copies.

adiyen Krishna Kalale

At 09:03 PM 9/19/98 -0400, Sadagopan wrote:
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>>From: "Manjunath Ramasubbiah" <>
>>Subject: taittiriiyopanishhat
>>Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 09:32:09 PDT
>>Hari Om to all
>>I am looking for translations/commentaries on taittiriiyopanishhat.
>>Please point any resources..
>>thanks and regards
>Dear Sri Ramasubbiah :
>Thanks very much for your note.
>The advaithic intrepretation can be
>found in " Discourses on Taittiriya Upanishad "
>by Swami Chinmayanada(Chinmaya Publications Trust,
>175 Rasappa Chetty St, Chennai: 1980).
>The VisishtAdvaithic intrepretation would be 
>in " Upanishad Saaram " published by the Late
>UttamUr VeerarAgavAcchAr Swami : 3rd Edition : 1970)
>It may be available at VisishtAdvaitha Research center ,
>Chennai .
>Sri Ramanuja on Upanishads by the late Prof.
>M. Rangacharya may be available at 
>Prof.M.RangachArya Memorial Trust , 41 Sunkuwar St ,
>Triplicane , Chennai 600005 
>Sir S.RadhA KrishNan and others have covered it 
>in their commentaries on Upanishads as well.
>Hope this helps .
>By the copy of the note , I am requesting 
>my fellow members of the Bhakthi lists to 
>offer any suggestions to locate this commentary
>in USA Book Stores that they may know about .
>Best wishes ,
>P.S : I hope to write about the VisishtAdvaidhic
>Intrepretation of the Major Upanishads some time in
>the near future in Bhakthi List or in SaraNAgathi
>electronic Jouranl .