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Thiruvaaymozhi 10.7- Emperumaan is 26th tatvam.

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Oct 15 1998 - 02:52:12 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

I am getting excited! AzhwAr is getting closer and is ecstatic about 
Emperumaan’s Greatest “sowseelya” guNA. Emperumaan’s entering into 
AzhwAr’s heart was gloried in the last ten. But PerumaaL also wants to 
be with AzhwAr’s ThirumEni too, and does not leave him. AzhwAr pleads “I 
know it is due to Your love for me! But I do not like Your stooping down 
so low. Please don’t.” adadaa! Here AzhwAr BEAUTIFULLY narrates 
Emperumaan’s “vaanjai” (affection) on AzhwAr.  

1. Oh Poets who sing with apt words and great meanings! Take care of 
yourself with great caution when you all compose. Because, there is a 
mischievous Bhagawaan staying at ThirumaalirunchOlai. He is a Great 
Maayavan and will deceive you easily. He simply said “Through you, I 
will sing myself on Me and enjoy” and has united with me completely, 
with my mind, my AthmA like the water. He has not even let His PiraaTTi 
know of His trick and has done a clandestine operation in me. He has 
swallowed my mind, my AthmA, and  has entered into me so completely as 
to remove me fully and replace mw with Himself. Hence, if you sing on 
Him, that’s all. You will not exist. Beware!  

2. Bhagawaan has enjoyed me fully in all respects and all by Himself. He 
has not only become everything and everyone in all places; also He is 
the One who directs them; also He is in them as their respective AthmAs 
even. Further, He has made me sing on Him and made it appear as if I 
praised Him. He has done that  on Himself. He is so sweet to me in every 
way and every sense like that of a mixture of Honey, milk, nectar, 
sugarcane juice. He is majestically showing Himself at 
ThirumaalirunchOlai. That Emperumaan, who is to be drunk and enjoyed  by 
me as a sweet juice. Instead of my enjoying Him, He has drunk me 

3. Emperumaan filled my AthmA completely and enjoyed me; He did not stop 
with that. He also entered into this lowly physical body and filled with 
Himself in my body and life wonderfully and completely. (“ennai muRRum 
uyiruNdu en maaya yaakkai yidhanuL pukku”) Such a maayavan is blissfully 
present at ThirumaalirunchOlai. I have become His servant, by looking at 
that direction and thinking of that Emperumaan. Is there any other 
bhAgyam greater than that? Will I go for any other place? I won’t. Is 
there any grace of Emperumaan bigger than this? As if there is more than 
this, He is falling on me and is filling me totally. How is that? What a 
Grace! I don’t know the quantum of His dayA.

4. What can I say of Emperumaan’s “aruL”(grace)? He enters into every 
being and every object and in all worlds, becomes everything as their 
respective antharAthmAs and directs them.  He does not just stop at 
that. He also wanders on the Earth everywhere. He never leaves the 
southern place – ThirumaalirunchOlai malai. He stays there gracefully. 
That Emperumaan has willingly stayed in my body and does not wish to 
leave me. What a love He has on me!

5. Emperumaan- The One who destroys the asurAs, who claim that they will 
not be subservient to Bhagawaan; The One who does good to and saves the 
pure dEvAs; The One who enchants Rishis (who enjoy Him KalyANa guNAs 
that can never be comprehended or thought of by others); - has sung on 
Himself (through me by becoming me) in these pAsurams, that are pleasing 
and enjoyable to rishis and dEvAs. That Lord (who has composed this 
Thiruvaaymzohi ) is here at ThirumaalirunchOlai mountain. (‘ this 
pasuram should be read as “ asurar nalivu eidha, amarar polivu eidha, 
munivar inbham thalai siRappa, thannaiththaan paadi thenna yennum en 
emmaan thirumaalirunjOlai malaiyaan” – means: Emperumaan of 
ThirumaalirunchOlai has made me sing with rhythms, and tunes, these 
pAsurams, to destroy asurAs, to save dEvAs, and to enchant Rishis.)

6. My Lord! ThirumaalirunchOlai EmperumaanE! The One who could not be 
seen even by BrahmA and Sivan! After their desperate longing to see You, 
with great Bhakthi and paying obeisance to Your Feet by offering 
flowers, You showered Your mercy on them and they could have a glimpse 
of Your Divine effulgence. Such Greatest Emperumaan is gracefully 
showing Himself at ThirumaalirunchOlai. This Lord only retained all 
three worlds during MahApraLayam in His unparalleled stomach and saved 
them. He has now enslaved me fully and rules me. He is totally after me 
and is in love with me! My Emperumaan is the greatest lover!

7. “EmperumaanE! Please grant us Your mercy!” (“aruLai ee emmaanE!”) – 
thus Sivan, the jnAni Brahman, Indran, and all other dEvAs, Rishis, who 
have no ajjnAnam- Where do they all jointly come and pay obeisance? to 
whose Feet and  at which place?- IT IS NONE OTHER THAN 
ThirumaalirunchOlai Emperumaan. BLESSED ARE WE TO REACH THIS DIVINE 

8. Bhagawaan has desired my head (and placed His Feet) as much as He 
likes ThirumaalirunchOlai and ThiruppaaRkadal. He has adored my body as 
much as He adores Sri vaikuNtam and and Thirumala. But my jIvan is 
completely intermingled with the “unescapable” uncrossable” prakriti 
(material nature). (Such a lowly self am I; - Still) Emperumaan can NOT 
bear being separated from me-my jIvan, my body, my mind, my speech even 
for a fraction of a second. (“orumaanodiyum piriyaan ennoozhi mudhalvan 
oruvanE”). He alone is the Primordial Chief and is the Creator of all 
beings- SarvEshwaran. (What an Emperumaan! He likes my (filthy) body as 
much as He likes the Greatest Divya dEsams!)

9. Bhagawaan is the cause of all beings and of the entire universe. He 
is unparalleled and limitless Primordial Chief. He is the One who, on 
His own desire, and only by thinking, creates, protects and destroys. Oh 
Mind! Please never ever leave such Greatest Emperumaan who is here at 
ThirumaalirunchOlai. You live firmly holding that mountain as our only 
support”. At the same time, Emperumaan tells His mind “Never leave the 
ThrumEni of AzhwAr”. AzhwAr pleads to Emperumaan, “EmperumaanE! Please 
do not love to hold my body and life; Please let them die so that I can 
reach You faster at Sri vaikuntam.”.(Dearest sisters and Brothers,. What 
a merciful Lord! What a Great AzhwAr! – read the fourth line- This line 
is excellent. “vaazhi manamE kaividEl yudalum uyirum manga vottE” – the 
first three words, “vaazhi manamE kaividEl- AzhwAr addresses to his mind 
not to leave this place; the remaining words are: udalum, uyirum, 
mangavottE- “Please leave this body and life extinguish.” (Don’t hold 
them, My Lord! Leave them for they are to extinguish.-they are to be 
dropped here). A Superb line!)

10. My Master! The One who gracefully presents Himself at 
ThirumaalirunchOlai! My Saviour! The One who instilled desire for You in 
me and You alone became my desire! You should show mercy and let this 
sarIram (of mine) that is Your “maaya” (and which is the sum total of 24 
tatvams, namely., The sensual pleasures (five), the sense organs (five), 
KarmEndriyam (five), BhUthAs (five), mUla prakritti, Mahat, ahankaaram, 
and manas (mind)) leave me. (Here AthmA is the 25th tatvam and 
Emperumaan is 26th. Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariar has mentioned  
“when someone counts 1,2,3…, and when 26 is uttered, Emperumaan says 
“Yes, Did you call Me?”.) 

11. Emperumaan, who is the supporter of AthmA and the AthmA itself- 
could make the mahat, ahankaaram, manas get weakened and the cruel 
strong indriyas (senses) destroyed. About such Most Merciful Emperumaan, 
Sri SadagOpar of Thirukkurugoor has sung 1000 pAsurams. Out of them, 
these ten have been sung  TO REMOVE AND DESTROY THE AHANKAARA, 
ThirumaalirunchOlai Divya dEsam.

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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