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Re:VibhIshaNa SaraNAgathy

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 - 02:38:00 PDT


Dearest Sri Mani,

Your starting off “VibhIshaNa saraNAgathy” and subsequent posts on the 
subject/thread are really superb. We enjoy them thoroughly. Your friend 
(or is it you?)’s arguments simply brush all points aside. 

I have some points of little worth.

1. No doubt SitA PiraaTTi or Thaayar is essential for recommendation and 
Purushaakaaram, because mothers are always more kind and more merciful. 
But that does NOT absolutely mean that fathers are always harsh. It is 
for the children’s betterment and benefit that we pretend to be angry. 
Emperumaan does show mercy to the Greatest extent to even His enemies, 
as in the case of rAvaNA (asking him to come next day). It is when the 
bhakthAs have done enormous sins (like us), the sins are so huge that 
Emperumaan and PiraaTTI together only can shower mercy to extinguish 
them. Hence, for VibhIshaNA, since he was so nice a bhAgwathA/prapannan, 
his case did not necessitate PiraaTTi’s help. Sri Rama alone could 
manage. (But our case- NO! We need all 108 Divya Desam PerumAL, and 
PiraaTTis, 10 avataars, and Paramapadhanaathan Sriya: Pathih to save us 
from this dirt.- No! single handed poor Rama or KrishNA can not handle! 
AmmA! Please help Him! He is over loaded heavily! “maathaa dEvi thvamasi 
Bhagawaan vaasudEva: pithaaamE”. 

2. Also, to substantiate Lord’s KaaruNyam, it is told that Lord 
NarasimhA tore the chest of hiraNyan first to check if there is any love 
for His BhakthA, Prahalaada. Had there been any, He would have NOT 
killed hiraNyan, perhaps. Such a love He has for His BhakthAs. (Thaayar 
and PerumAL, in fact compete with each other in showing Their mercy on 
Their BhakthAs.)

3. There is also an interesting anecdote on Paraasara Bhataar, who is 
reported to be blessed with the bhAgyam of conversing with Lord 
RanganAthA. When the Lord, once went around in His Mohini alankaara 
Uthsavam, He was simply so beautiful and divine that BhakthAs thronged 
to obtain a darshan of that exquisite beauty of their Lord in mOhini 
alankaaram. Lord Himself was pleased with the alankaaram. When Bhattar 
was asked later by Emperumaan as to how the alankaaram that day was on 
Him, Bhataar replied with an impish smile “ Lord! You looked so divine; 
so beautiful; so great; so feminine in that alankaaram! But What to do! 
That “veNNai thirudan” (butter theif)’s eyes could not be hidden and 
that failed Your alankaaram, my Lord! There it is always our Mother who 
wins with a tremenous score over You on Her mercy towards us! And the 

So, If there is someone among us, who says (like Your friend, Mani), 
PerumAL need not be accompanied by PiraaTTi for His granting mOksham to 
us, then immediately and naturally, PIRAATTI, Thaayaar, will feel elated 
and be happy to hear that (and they will be blessed and recommended to 
PerumAL by thaayaar). On the other hand, should someone argue that It is 
always PiraaTTI who, by being in His chest, or by His side, or by proxy, 
recommends the case for the Lord to gtant mOksham and Emperumaan can NOT 
single handedly grant, then the Lord is very happy and pleased to hear 
that and is proud of PiraaTTi. He blesses them (even before Thaayaar’s 
recommendation) immediately. (So, who all are appa chellam? And who are 
all amma chellam?)

Please forgive me for any errors or mistakes. Just to enjoy the Divya 
Dampatis,  I had thought of these points. 

Just felt like writing something to add to this thread, Mani. I suppose 
your friend is never convinced, so that we can continue to get some 

May Sriya:pathih bless your friend as They do always.

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan      

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