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Re: VibIshaNa saraNAgati

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 16:56:13 PDT

    This is once again the same thing that we have been talking about. I
quickly browsed through sri rAmAyaNa thanislOki and "purushakAram - siRai
irun^dhavaL ERRam". They both discuss at length about everything else
where sIthA was present for the purushakAram.

   There are basically two scenarios for the purushakAram. A. While
pirAtti is with the Lord (samslEsha dhasai) and B. While she is away
(vislEsha dhasai).  The following two sUthrams of svAmi piLLai lOkAchAryar
are relevant here.

   9. SamclESha vislEShangaL iraNdilum puruShakaarathvam

10. SamclESha thasaiyil Isvaranaith thiruththum vislESha
  thasaiyil sEthananaith thiruththum.

 - Sri vachana bhUshaNam

    Our case is the vislEsha dhasai, where sIthA is away from the Lord.
She would advise the chEthanas and turn them towards the Lord. This is
what is the flavour of purushakAram here. Are there any instances in the
rAmAyaNam that talks about sIthA advising or atleast talking to
vibhIshaNa? How does he come to know that Rama is the Lord and what
Ravanan has done is wrong? is it because, by nature, he is good and he
realized it without anybody's advice? what role does thrijadai play here,
since she is close to sIthA?

    There are pages of evidence of how sIthA advised ravanan which is a
true purushakAra attempt. But anything with vibhIshaNa?

    I have a basic question. In both the cases mentioned above there is a
fault identified with one of them. In samslEsha dhasai, She advises the
Lord and in vislEsha dhasai she advises the chethanaAs, i.e, she corrects
them. What if both of them are perfect? What role does she play here? A
specific issue of this generic case is the vibhIshaNa saraNAgathi.

Any thoughts?


Looking at the "mithramowpayikam ..."  and
the "iha santhO..." slOkams where she advises ravanan, she says, (as per
periyavAccAn piLLai') " Aren't there good people to advise you and
correct you. There are people like agambaNan, mAlyavAn, kumbakarNan,
vibhIshaNan. So you have good people around you. But they are just
physically there, they don't seem to have done anything. "

    Prob'ly this is what is the imperfection on the part of the
chEthana,  vibhIshaNa and prob'ly he corrected himself because of her
advise to ravanan. This could be a flavour of purushakAram done mentally
by the pirAtti (though its an indirect influence...)