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Re: VibhIshaNa saraNAgati

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 16:16:50 PDT

My friend read Sri M.A. Venkatakrishnan's answer, posted by
Sri T.V. Venkatesh.

In brief, Dr. Venkatakrishnan's points were:

  (1) Vibhishana argued on pirAtti's (Sita's) behalf when Ravana
      kidnapped her. This secured the blessings of pirAtti
  (2) Vibhishana's daughter Trijada consoled pirAtti in the
      Asoka Vana and secured her favor. So the whole family
      was blessed mentally by pirAtti.

  (3) She is always present in the thirumArbu (holy chest) of
      PerumAL. So she acted as intercessor (purushakAra) from
      within the heart of Rama when Vibhishana surrendered to hiim.

My friend is not satisfied with these answers.  His doubts
are worth reading.  Here is his response:


Thanks, Mani, but...

Points 1 and 2 ----- Weak.  
Point 3 ----- terrible - Maaricha, Khara,
Dhooshana, Trisira and the rest of the 14000 should not have died at
Janasthaana if she was sitting in his thirumaarbu instead of in the
cave where he sent her specifically. Poor RaavaNa and KumbhakarNa
should not have died either. The entire war should not have taken

Sorry. Raama still rules.

If you get anything any more convincing, I am prepared to
listen. Else, I am prepared to stick to my guns.  Maybe it is my
arrogance and pride that is not letting me listen to these reasons. I
am looking for water-tight arguments like the ones they supply for
Hanuman. I am prepared to even accept the aabharaNas as a mediation
principle in the case of Sugriva - but this does not make sense.

The Divine Mother is ALWAYS resident on the Lord's Thirumaarbu. Stands
to reason he has no chance to get rid of Ravana and those of his
ilk. If She did not leave his Thirumaarbu even in his incarnation as a
Brahmachaari Vaamana - where is the case when she is out of his
thirumaarbu in his Avataaram as Sri Raama?

Sorry. I have to throw a wrench in this argument. According to
Vaalmiki - there is no mention of Seetha-devi knowing anything about
Vibhiishana or even speaking about him. EVen when she speaks to
Hanumaan, there is no mention of Vibhiishana and his goodness -leave
alone granting him blessings. In the entire Sundara-kaanDam, Vaalmiki
makes no mention of the fact that TriJaTa was VibhiishaNa's
daughter. It is mentioned later in the Yuddha- kaaNdam much after the
sharaNaagati is done and gone thru.

I'll wait for more. (..)