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Re:Bhakti & Prapatti -4

From: Balaraman M Sriram (
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 08:38:16 PDT

> Sri Mani wrote:
> >If, out of ignorance or unintentional error, someone falls short
> >of the ideal, is it not the greatness of the Lord that he still
> >accepts the devotee? Perfect prapatti a la Nammalvar is a very 
> >difficult state to reach

adiyen thought the "ideal" you are talking about is "performing sadhana" 
or service to the Lord and that we devotees are following short of that 
ideal.adiyen understood/misunderstood the "ideal" to mean the "Nitya 
karmanushtams" that we are instructed to do daily and as such any claims 
to fall short of that ideal can only smack of "insincerity".

We are asked to perform certain duties. Definitely God will ask us to
do only what we can do or what we are able to do and not something we 
cannot do.

>Perfect prapatti a la Nammalvar is a very 
> >difficult state to reach

Why is this so ?.Just because it is difficult doesnt mean we should
not aspire for it nor is "aspiring to be perfect in the service of the 
Lord" a sign of "arrogance".

We have to perform our duties as per scripture the "imperfection" of the 
act is very much acknowledged.For example ,we want to do japa or 
meditation and we are supposed to chant mantras concentrating on the 
Lord. We do it but we fail to concentrate properly. The act is being 
done but imperfectly.Sriman Narayana is nevertheless pleased with the 
act and forgives the imperfection in the act. He also helps us to 
achieve perfection in the act if we pray for it. The key here is 
persistence/Perseverence.Just so we are humble and we think that we  are 
"imperfect in doing japa" is not a valid reason for not doing 

>If, on the other hand, lack of ignorance 
>is taken as a prerequisite for taking refuge (i.e., demanding 
>that taking refuge be done 100% "properly"), none of us would be 
>qualified, as taking refuge itself is what in the end
>destroys our ignorance.

if there is a 100% proper way to take refuge then that is the way
to do it.Lack of ignorance can be called as "Knowledge", I dont see
how without the requisite knowledge one can perform prapatti and then 
maintain a clean slate after "prapatti".Even to know that "prapatti" is 
the only means requires knowledge about it.

I do beg forgiveness for my "imperfection" in this act of expressing
my thoughts.



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