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Thiruvaaymozhi 10.6- adhu namadhu vidhi vagaiyE

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 02:19:22 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Our AzhwAr, right from his “poinninRa jnAnam” (in Thiruviruttham) till 
last ten, was chasing Emperumaan. It is interpreted that from this ten 
(now on), till the last pAsuram “avaavaRa” of 10.10,  Emperumaan is now 
after AzhwAr to get him to His abode.

Emperumaan shows Himself to AzhwAr at ThiruvaaTTaaRu and be readily 
present for AzhwAr. AzhwAr now loses himself to such a Great guNA of 
Emperumaan’s losing Himself to BhAgawathAs’ devotion.

1. Since I am blessed to be the servant of BhAgawathAs, ChakrAyudha 
Emperumaan has now consented to bless me with His grace and has come all 
by Himself to me. Like that He comes and graces us, is our command only. 
After getting to know what is His intention one me, hereafter, I will 
NEVER desire for these births and this anjnAnam anymore that leaves me 
in this vast big world. Oh My mind, the One who craves for Divya dEsams! 
Don’t  get confused any more! Pay obeisance to ThiruvaattaaRRu 
Emperumaan’s Lotus Feet and go, get enchanted by Him. (Here “adhu 
namadhu vidhi vagaiyE” line appears in 2nd line of pAsuram- Poorva 
AchAryALs used to interpret saying “Bhagawaan’s grace comes to us as per 
our puNyam and fate”. But, when Emperumaanaar Sri RamanujAchAryA was 
listening to this pAsuram and this line, he said, “ that meaning appears 
to be out of place and is incongruous to the context and previous 
pAsurams. This line actually should interpret as “based on what we 
command (“vidhitthadhu”), Emperumaan does”. “adhu namadhu vidhivagaiyE” 
means “adhu namadhu sol vagaiyE”. So Emperumaan also is scared of 
disobeying BhAgawathAs’ “vidhi” (sol- command). Thus, NampiLLai narrates 
in eedu. Also, Alavandhaar says “thvadheeya bhukthOjjitha sEsha bhOjinA/ 
thvayaa nisrushtaathma parENa yadh yadhaa/ priyENa sEnaapathinaa 
nyavEdhithath/ thadhaanujaanandham udhaara veekshaNai:/ “meaning: 
Emperumaan does in same fashion as to how it is requested by Senai 
mudhali (VishvaksEnar).) What a PerumAL!

2. By paying obeisance to ThiruvaattaaRRu Emperumaan’s Lotus Feet, we 
are able to get rid of this sorrowful Births. Oh Foolish mind! Didn’t 
you ask what is the use of paying obeisance to His Lotus Feet? See now! 
Since we sang pAsurams in praise of Him and His guNAs, our karmic 
diseases have vanished and we have got Bhagavadh Sambhandham and are 
blessed to obtain His grace. DID YOU REALISE THE HUGE QUANTUM OF OUR 

3. My mind! By uttering Bhagawaan’s various divine Thirunaamams (names), 
we are blessed to obtain Sriman Narayanan with us. In this fertile 
ThiruvaattaaRu, Emperumaan, has consented to our request and has on His 
own, come here quickly and graced us and to grant us Paramapadham. These 
happenings, have occurred different from our thinking. (we  never 
thought He would come in so QUICKLY!). But He has come! For such a GREAT 
HUGE BLISS, the credit goes to You, “nenjamE”. (Oh Mind! It is You who 
controlled the senses and saved me!).

4. Oh My good mind! ThiruvaattaaRRu Emperumaan tore the chest of cruel 
hiraNyan and killed him. He won the MahAbhAratha battle (without even 
lifting any arm) and favoured the five paaNdavaas. And now, Our 
Perumaan- Our Swami has entered into us and by opening His mouth from 
inside, He has enabled us write these Thiruvaaymozhi Thamizh 
prabhandhams. He has thus desired by falling on us like this on His own 
and blessed us in this sort.

5. ThiruvaattaaRRu Emperumaan- He has paved the way – the 
Arcchiraadhimaargam- for me to go to Paramapadham. Even I am blessed to 
obtain that Parama bhAgyam, as He had assured. The Lord- who has the 
honey dripping thuLasi leaves on His Feet- is wandering on GarudA. His 
Lotus Feet are on my head. I am blessed with this PARAMA BHAGYAM. Hence, 
Oh my dearest mind! You laugh at that narakam! (Narakam means: this 
samsaara saagaram!)

6. At ThiruvaattaaRu, Emperumaan is reclining on Thiru ananthaazhwaan 
AdhisEshan. That Lord’s -our Emperumaan’s those two Lotus Feet are on my 
head. The Red Lotus eyed Lord always at all times, stays in my heart 
firmly. We have reached the Lotus Feet of Sri KrishNan, who has broken 
the tusks of the angry elephant kuvalayaapeetam. 

7. We have reached those Feet of Bhagawaan. Our Swami Govindhan has 
occupied our hearts fully. My Swami has gracefully been showing Himself 
at this beautiful, fertile place of ThiruvaattaaRu. Thulasi fragrance 
that lingers at His Feet- I am able to get the bhAgyam of having that 
fragrance stay on my body too. (Is this alone NOT sufficient for the 
proof that I have united with ThiruvaattaaRRu  PerumAn)

8. Thirutthuzhaay fragrance in His body is also smelt on His crown. 
Wherever He thinks, the ChakrAyudham can go, hit the  target and come 
back to Emperumaan- Such ChakrAyudham is held by Emperumaan, who is like 
a dark big mountain of deep blue water colour. That Lord of mine is here 
at ThiruvaattaaRu. What good did I do to Him to be blessed to have that 
Greatest Emperumaan in my heart so firmly? Nothing! What a dayA! What a 

9. In His Brightest Chest, He has Periya PiraaTTi seated most 
gracefully. That Thirumaal, is gracefully present at ThiruvaTTaaRu. He 
has got the GarudA as His vaahanam. The One who fought with the asurAs 
and destroyed their kulam- has not ignored and looked down at this lowly 
self- in stead, He has also stayed in my heart firmly for ever 
uninterruptedly. (What a karuNAmoorthy is He!)

10. Emperumaan has blessed me saying “Without being separated from Me, 
even for a fraction of a second, serve Me uninterruptedly and perform 
eternal kaimkaryam to Me”. He came as Lord Narasimhan and killed 
hiraNyan. And at ThiruvaaTTaaRu, He is taking rest and reclining on 
AdhisEshan to get over that exertion and relax, it appears.  He has 
shown that one can get the rarest of His blessings, by serving the Great 
Srivaishnavas / BhAgawathAs.  

11.  Emperumaan showed His Lotus Feet and removed the greatest hurdle of 
entering into the cruel  Narakam. Sri SadagOpar of fertile 
Thirukkurugoor has sung 1000 pAsurams on Emperumaan and these ten will 
never satisfy the listeners and even NityasUris will ask for them again 
and again to enjoy Emperumaan more and more.

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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