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Vibhishana Saranagati -- a query
Date: Mon Oct 12 1998 - 11:40:44 PDT

Mani wrote:------------------------

Dear Bhaagavataas,

... The topic is Vibhiishana sharanaagati from Srimad RaamaayaNam ( what
else could you expect from me? ). According to repeated statements from the
upanyaasakar - SriRaama did NOT "protect" when he was away from
Seetha-devi. Even Maariicha was killed a distance away from her and so
were the Raakshasaas in Janasthaana etc. Vaali claims that the Lord is
bereft of his KaaruNyam since he is separated from Piraatti and hence
he was needlessly killed.

The upanyaasakar says there are some who challenge that Sugriva was
accepted by the Lord as his friend - in the absence of Sita - but
refutes it by saying that Sugriva offered the AabharaNas of the Mother
to the Lord first and hence he followed the tradition of reaching the
Lord thru the mediation of the Mother.


In the case of Sugriva, his offering of Piratti's Abharanas to the Lord was
interpreted as  purushakaaratvam. Is it not possible to interpret in the
same vein - Vibishana's pleading in Ravana's court for the release of
Piratti - enough to elicit Her Purushakaaratvam.  I thought Mohan Sagar's
interpretation is somewhat along the same lines.  However, the difficulty
in that interpretation is - can X's act be considered as a ground for
protecting Y.