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Vedas and Macro-economic predictions !

From: sudarshan (
Date: Sat Oct 10 1998 - 09:27:59 PDT

Dear friends,

In this post I am going to share with you all an unusual thought of mine. I
am not sure how many of you will agree with me but it's nevertheless worth
bringing to your attention that there might well be strange connections
between Vedic sound/vibrations and the modern science of making
macro-economic predictions !!

Let me explain.

A couple of days ago I was Web-browsing through the Reuters Page and came
across a small report filed from Johannesberg.

A certain Mr.Fred Crooks, an architectural engineer by training and
profession, has been making waves in South Africa in the past one year by
his uncannily accurate predictions about the state of several economies of
the world. Early 1997, using a set of predictive tools known only to him,
Mr.Crooks had predicted that by October 27 and 28 that year the world's
major stock markets --- New York, Japan and HongKong amongst others ---
would be severly jolted by a series of crises with far-reaching
consequences for the economies of many nations.

The academic and business community took him for nothing but a crank. They
had laughed at him and pooh-poohed his predictions as mumbo-jumbo.

Strangely however, came Oct 1997, and the world went into financial
convulsions as a result of wild stock-market gyrations, as we all know,
experienced in Hongkong (and to lesser degrees in Singapore and New York).
Thereafter, exactly as Mr.Crooks had predicted the economies of Malaysia,
Thailand and Indonesia went into tail-spin. There was widespread panic and
turmoil in the financial markets in those countries.

Last week Mr.Fred Crooks has again gone on record saying this October too
he expects another major stock market downturn of even more crushing
dimensions than the one seen last year. He now says that the world is in
for "immense depression" and "severe bear trends". Various "factors" which
he says he has reckoned in his highly "unorthodox and eccentric" approach
to macro-economic prediction and modeling now indicate that a good many
nations are sliding into "an unstoppable world depression". "Nothing will
be able to stop it," Mr.Crooks says,"Not Greenspan. Not Clinton. The
pattern that has emerged over the last year is similar to the one we saw in
1929 --- the year of the Great Depression."

This time around no one is laughing at Mr.Crooks!

His bag of grim predictions are chillingly close to the ones that the IMF
itself has made recently: the world economy is indeed on the brink of a
glacial recession.....

After reading all this curious stuff I delved further into the Reuter
report hoping to learn a little more about the "unorthodox" approach of
Mr.Crooks to macro-economic prognosis. Frankly, I had expected to read a
report on his predictive tools which would at best constitute an original
and hitherto unconceived combination of statistical analyses and
econometric extrapolations ---- something that the fraternity of economic
pundits worldwide had not perhaps thought off before !

My expectations were completely belied!

I learn now that Mr Fred Crooks bases his predictions on a highly esoteric
set of parameters known and perfected only by him and which are in fact
only remotely related to the discipline of economics.

Do you know what those esoteric "predictive parameters" are ?

Well from what I can gather from the report it seems to me they are
extremely "Vedic" in nature !!

I'll explain how in the next post.