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Thiruvaaymzohi 10.5- Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana

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Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 23:07:33 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In this EXCELLENT TEN PASURAMS, NammAzhwAr advises BhakthAs of 
Emperumaan. NammAzhwAr’s advice which had started off in 1.2, “veedumin 
muRRavum”, ends in this ten.  

1. kaNNan kazhaliNai* naNNum manamudaiyeer!*
    eNNum thirunaamam* thiNNam naaraNamE!

  Oh BhAgawathAs, who has always the thoughts of reaching the Lotus Feet 
of KaNNan (Parama sowlabhyan- who stooped down to our level and took 
KrishNAvataar)! You all need to think and meditate only on His name 
“Narayanan”. Nothing else. This is firm and definite. Take it for 
(NampiLLai greatly talks about this pAsuram: If one spoils an angam or a 
swaram on other manthrams, there is even a punishment to become 
brahmaraakshasan. Such fears are not here. It is a simple name and that 
is “Narayana” padham. Here AzhwAr says: “eNNum thirunaamam”. He did not 
say “eNNum manthram”. Since it is only Thirunaamam, there is no niyamam. 
Any time and every time- Narayana Narayana. Like a baby utters and 
blabbers the mother’s name and mother loves it so much, Sriman Narayanan 
adores our calling Him “NarayanA!”. 

(Special anecdote: After NammAzhwAr departed from this earthly world, 
MadhurakaviAzhwAr was blessed with a Golden vigraham of NammAzhwAr which 
he consecrated and performed ThiruvarAdhanA and uthsavams in his honour. 
He was impressed by nammAzhwAr's works so much that wanted to stage 
NammAzhwAr's works in front of other scholars. the sangam poets objected 
to such claims and praises. NammazhwAr who had no connection with Sangam 
( a big deal!). Madhurakavi, it seems was saddened by this protest and 
was weeping literally. NammAzhwar, appeared as an old Brahmin and 
consoled him saying " Do not worry about these petty issues; You just 
place this pAsuram of "kaNNan kazhaliNai..." on a kind of boat (sangap 
palagai) and watch the fun" and disappeared. Madhurakavi did the same 
and the boat, it is told capsized throwing out all the jealous, haughty 
poets while it retained only the leaf containing "kaNNan kazhaliNai.."- 

Each of these jealous poets wrote independently one Tamil poem on the 
Great NammAzhwAr, which finally turned out to be same one which all 
others wrote: What a mystery! What an AzhwAr! What a disciple! 
The verse is as follows: "Semang kurugaiyo seyyathirup pArkadalO nAmam 
paraangusamo naaraNamo - thAman thuLavO vaguLamO thOLiraNdO nAngum uLavO 
peruma umakku" meaning “Are you, (the Kurugaiyoor Piraan) Or Sriman 
Narayanan Himself?)

2. NaaraNam emmaan*paaraNa~ngaaLan*
    vaaraNam tholaittha*kaaraNan thaanE*

My Master, Narayanan is the Lord of BhUmi PiraaTTi. He is the One who 
killed kuvalayaapeetam elephant. He is Cause and Creator of whole 

3. thaanE ulaghellaam* thaanE padaitthidandhu*
    thaanE uNdumizhndhu*thaanE ALvaanE*

Bhagawaan Narayanan is the life of all worlds. Without any extra 
assistance, on His own, He creates the worlds and during PraLayam, He 
Himself eats and spits the same out afterwards to protect the Universe. 
Like that, He protects and rules the whole Universe all by Himself.

4. ALvaan aazhi neer* kOLvaay aravaNaiyaan*
    thaaLvaay malarittu* naaLvaay naadeerE*

The Cause /Creator of the whole Universe – Emperumaan is reclining on 
the Huge waters – on AdhisEshan. Offer flowers at that Emperumaan’s 
Lotus Feet and pay your obeisance to Him.   

5. naadeer naaLthORum* vaadaa malar koNdu*
    paadeer avan naamam* veedE peRalaamE*

Everyday- daily, collect fresh, new flowers and offer to Bhagawaan and 
pay obeisance to Him. Sing His Thirunaamam (Name) with naama 
sangheerthanam. If you all do thus with sincere bhakti, you can easily 
attain mOksham. (Here AzhwAr uses “naadeer” word, to reach Him mentally 
(manas), “koNdu” word, to collect flowers (“kaayam”-body) and “paadeer” 
word, to sing (“vaak”), to imply performing our kaimkaryam to the Lord 
with manO, vaak and  kaayam.)

6. mEyaan vENkatam* kaayaamalar vaNNan*
    pEyaar mulai uNda* vaayaan maadhavanE*

Bhagawaan has got lovely blue hued ThirumEni (Divine Body). He has got 
the cute red mouth that sucked the life of pUthanai alongwith her 
posionous breast milk (who had come to kill the infant KaNNan). He is 
Sri LakshmI Nathan, (Madhavan) and is gracefully present at 
ThiruvENkatam, as SrInivaasan. 

7. maadhavan enRenRu* Odha valleerEl*
    theethonRum adaiyaa* Etham saaraavE*

If you utter “Madhavan” (Sriya:pathih- LakshminAthan), then, all your 
sins will be removed by such an utterance. No new sins also will come to 
you. (means: you will not commit such sins anymore). (AzhwAr here adds 
“Srimadh” padham with LakshmInAthan, Madhavan name, and in first 
pAsuram, he said about Narayanan. Thus, AzhwAr says “utter Dwayam and 
get rid of all sins, past, present and future.)

8. saaraa EthangaL* neeraar mugil vaNNan*
    pEr aar Odhuvaar* aaraar amararE*

Emperumaan- One who has the colour of dark clouds- Those who utter His 
names will NEVER get any sin approaching them. Whoever sings His naama 
sangheerthanam, (Whoever they are- illiterate- anjnAni- low caste- male- 
female- whatever- you name it- it is included!) they become on par with 
Nityar. (AzhwAr emphasises : Whoever utters “Sriman Narayana” padham, 
(as narrated in last pAsuram), they become paramapadhavaasis. No 
knowledge, no adhikaaram, no niyamam, no linking to caste/births, - 
Whoever they are, if they utter Bhagavan Naamaa, they are compared to 
NityasUris, is implied.- Can we NOT DO THIS AT LEAST?)

9. amarakku ariyaanai* thamarkadku eLiyaanai*
    amaratthozhuvaargatku* amaraa vimanaikaLE*

Bhagawaan, is a rare (to be seen) even by Brahma and other Devas. But 
for His BhakthAs, He is a Parama solwabhyan (to make Himself available 
to them as archaavataars, as vyUhAvataars). To such Greatest Emperumaan, 
those (without expecting any fruits from Him- Paramaikaanthins) who pay 
obeisance to Him, will NEVER get any sin approach them, at anytime.

10. vinaival iruL ennum*munaigaL veruvippOm*
sunai nanmalarittu* ninaimin nediyaanE*

If you pay obeisance to Bhagawaan, puNyams, paapams, the cruel anjnAnam 
(or vibharItha jnAnam - wrong knowledge) will all get scared and vanish. 
Hence, gather fresh flowers and offer to SarvEshwaran and think of Him. 
(AzhwAr says: “All that is a hurdle to kaimkaryam will vanish. Then, we 
can reach. In this pAsuram, AzhwAr is reported to have hinted on “Sarva 
paapEbhyO mOkshayishyaami”.)

11.nediyaan aruL choodum* padiyaan SadagOpan*
     nodiaayiratthu ippatthu* adiyaarkku aruL pERE*

Sri SadagOpar is blessed to obtain the grace of Nediyaan (Sriman 
Narayanan). He has composed 1000 pAsurams (on Him) and these ten (out of 
1000) will be His blessings as His prasaadhams and bhAgyam. (means: 
Those who read these ten will be called “The blessed ones to obtain the 
grace of Sriman Narayanan, similar to Sri SadagOpar, NammAzhwAr).

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

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