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mukunda-mAlA - Part 10

From: For V. Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 12:00:32 PDT

SrI V. saDagOpan's writings on the mukunda-mAlA stOtram :



madana! parihara sthitim madIyE 
 manasi mukunda-padAravinda-dhAmni |
hara-nayana kRSAnunA kRSO'si 
 smarasi na cakra-parAkramam murArE: || 29

  In this verse kulaSEkharAzhvAr addresses manmatan and asks him not to engage
in mischief with the AzhvAr. AzhvAr asks manmata to stay away from his mind
which is already housing the Lotus Feet of SrI kRshNa bhagavAn.

AzhvAr reminds manmata of the terrible consequences he suffered when he tried
his mischief on lord Sivan. AzhvAr reminds manmata of the fact that he got
reduced to ashes when the angry Sivan opened his third eye. 
So AzhvAr tells manmatan that the latter should even more wary of attempting
any mischief with him, for manmatan would become the object of wrath of
the mighty sudarSanam in the the Lord's Hand.

"manmata, you already are known as ananga ie. one without a body because of
 Siva's anger. Do you still want to incur the wrath of the powerful sudarSana
 AzhvAr in my Lord's Hand ? ".  kulaSEkharAzhvAr thus challenges manmatan.



tattvam bruvANAni param parasmAt
 madhu ksharantIva satAm phalAni |
prAvartaya prAnjalirasmi jihvE 
 nAmAni nArAyaNa-gOcarANi || 30

   Following the challenge to manmata, SrI kulaSEkhara is still worried about
any sneaky approach by him. To ward off any such adversity, SrI kulaSEkhara
appeals to his tongue to repeat the names of SrIman-nArAyaNa and HIS glories
for protection. He explains to his mind the benefits of reciting the names and
stories of SrIman-nArAyaNa. He appeals to his mind with folded hands to recite
the auspicious names of SrIman-nArAyaNa.

The AzhvAr says to his tongue that SrIman-nArAyaNa's names describe the 
Supreme beyond the supreme principle. (parastAt param tattvam bruvANAni) and
the Lord's names are like the honey generating fruit for the sages. (satAm
madhu ksharanti phalAni iva)
Such are the wonderful traits of the names associated with SrIman-nArAyaNa's
deeds. (SrIman nArAyaNa gOcarANi nAmAni)



idam SarIram pariNAma-pESalam 
 patatyavaSyam Slatha-sandhi-jarjaram |
kim aushadhai: kliSyasi mUDha durmatE
 nirAmayam kRshNa-rasAyanam piba || 31

   In this verse, SrI kulaSEkhara asks ill people why they chase after all
kinds of medication instead of just drinking the Supreme Medicine named
"kRshNa" which can easily cure the cruel disease of samsAra.
AzhvAr also reminds the anxiety-ridden men that all of our bodies will surely
degenerate and decompose. So knowing that inevitable fate, why do you chase 
drugs with limited potence while there is the miracle known as SrI kRshNa ?


                      ** SrI kRshNArpaNamastu **