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From: sudarshan (
Date: Wed Oct 07 1998 - 09:00:37 PDT

Dear SrimAn Mani, Sempath and Dileepan,

Thank you for pointing out that "AAmaruviyappan" is the name of the Perumal
and not Siva at Terezhundur. I have checked it out myself and you are all
absolutely right!

I regret my awful bloomer ! It was not a mistake of the Sankara Mutt
friend though.

Last evening I checked out other aspects of the story with the same friend
.... I have no reason to disbelieve the rest of their version of the
"shthala-puraAna". Whichever version of the "purAna" happens to be right,
to me the story itself retains immense literary appeal. I think it is a
wonderful lesson on the ethics of filial conduct. That's the "bottom-line"
for me. Period.

And as for your generalized comments about the authenticity of HH Sri
ChandrasekharEndra Saraswati's accounts of "prabhandic history", I am
I am unable to agree with all that you say.

(I greatly respect and admire the "Advaitin" or ("mAyAvAdin"!!) of Kanchi
both as a tall religious leader of recent times and as a man of ideas. I
have no intention therefore of being drawn further into this thread of
discussion.) So shall we let this one pass, please?