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Kaimkaryams and Prasaadams

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Oct 06 1998 - 17:47:00 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

On the eve of my journey home to have 
the darsana soubhAgyam of the sacred ArchA mUrthys , my heart
is full of thanks for all of your support for the many kaimkaryams
that has led to the presentation of the RathnAngi , Mutthangi , 
at Oppiliappan Sannidhi . Many of You have supported generously
the above kaimkaryams , Sri Abhinava Desikan's hundredth
anniversary , ThiruveLLUr MahA SamprOkshaNam , CD ROM
project on AchArya RaamAnujA et al. The Thiruvellur related 
support has been amplified wiht the efforts of Sriman K.G.Krishnan
to result in arrangements for a corpus funds for daily 
Veda PaarAyaNam and Divya Prabhandham recitation at 
Sri Veeraraghavan's sannidhi . Other respected members have 
raised fuinds to support a variety of Kimkaryams 
such as support for the release of original commentaries
on Thiruvaimozhi, renovation of Sri Vara Vara Muni's sannidhi
at Kanchipuram , Ahobila Mutt's 600th anniversary ,
the release of Desika Prabhandham monograph , Sthothra
granthams of Swami Desikan et al .It is so heartening to 
see these durable and pioneering efforts .

My prayers at all the divya desams during this journey
will be for this select group of AasthikAs , who are 
contributing towards the upkeep and nourishment of 
our rich sampradhAyam thru the above Kaimkaryams , sharing 
their rich knowledge on our ancient sampradhAyams 
and archiving those exchanges in Bhakthi archives ,
SaranAgathi Archives , AchArya Archives et al .

Sri Anbil Ramasawamy has spearheaded many activities
under the banner of SDDS and the Various coordinators
of the NAMA organization are doing laudable service
in their own communites . It is most heartening that 
we have travelled a significant way together during 
the last few months with the divya dampathi's blessings.

I have only one request to make to you . In all these 
fund raising efforts of mine , I might have suggested/offered 
sending appropriate Prasadams as a token of respect for the 
contributions and might have missed out on individual
instances due to oversight or poor ccordination .
Please forgive me , if such things might have happened .
Please let me know of any lapses . I will fix it ASAP 
in one way or the other .

In this context , I can not but thank profusely 
Sri Sampath Rengarajan , who lifted the responsibilities 
off my shoulder by copying the two musical tapes 
containig Oppilaippan's vaibhavam ,
that I promised as souvenirs for the aasthikAs ,
who supported the Mutthangi kaimkaryam .Sri Rengarajan
copied these tapes 40 times and distributed them .
He absorbed all the postal and tape expenses for the same .

In the case of the ThiruveLLUr kaimkaryam , I am still waiting for 
the PrasAdhams from India . It is slow in coming .
In case of AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM  we plan to present 
each of the 31 supporters with a CD ROM and a small monograph . 
I am not a well-organized person and the lapses 
may occur .Once you remind me , I will take care of it 
rightaway , since I believe that a promise is a promise 
and must be kept at all costs .

In conclusion , let me say that the Divya Dampathis at 
Oppiliappan Koil  are resplendent in their AbharaNams
presented by their children from Bahrain , Singapore ,
USA , India and other parts of the World . That itself is
a great source of Joy for every one of us .Soon , we
may realize the first CD ROM on the works of AchArya 
RaamAnujA and follow it up with another CD ROM on
the 108 Sri VaishNavite Divya desams . We are travelling
together on a most meaningful journey performing Kaimkaryam
as we go along on this deha yaathrA of ours. May the SaraNya
dampathis strengthen our efforts to continue to perform
additional kaimkaryam in every way .

Daasan , Oppilaippan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan