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Vedic recitation
Date: Tue Oct 06 1998 - 07:47:01 PDT

Dear Bhaktas:  I wish to share some of my thoughts on the ongoing dialogue on
proper recitation of vedic texts, Suktas, Taitriya Upanishad etc.  While it is
ideal to learn these from Acharyas, this course is not available to all who
are away from their homes.  Further the eternal values of Vedas are sought
after by all.  I have heard swamijis from Chinmayananda Ashram and the
swamijis who travel around reciting
these in their gatherings.  These are full of apaswaras and very often it is
difficult to keep pace with their recitation.  But their intentions are good
in that they propagate the teachings and values.  Gone are the days when we
used to say that women are not eligible to recite vedas and I have seen women
recite them in temples.  Just as 
some who can render good music without formal training under vidwans by
constantly hearing them in kutchEris we should be able to learn some simpler
ones as Purusha Suktam, Sri Suktam etc. by constantly listening to them when
they are recited in temple gatherings or tapes now available.  I recently
obtained a tape of 
Rudram where it is rendered as a santhai, students repeating twice after the
I find that a good way of learning in the absence of a guru to teach me.
Maybe Bhakti group may consider recording the suktas in this form and make
them available to those in need at a cost.
Sri SrinivAsa ParabrahmaNe nama: