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My trip to Chennai

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Oct 06 1998 - 05:34:37 PDT

Dear Friends : Number of you from India 
have written to me and expressed interest in 
meeting with me during this somewhat hectic trip . 

I will be delighted to meet with as many of you 
as my journey to the interior of Tamilnadu would permit .
Here is my agenda as of now :

Departure for India : Wednesday Night : Oct 7 
Arrival : Chennai from Bombay (7.45 Am : Oct 9, Friday )
Rest a few hours in Chennai and  leave same evening
by Train to Oppiliappan Sannadhi .

Oct 10 : Purattasi Saturday : Oppiliappan Sannadhi
         Uthsavar : RathnAngi Sevai; Moolavars : 
         Mutthangi Sevais ( Number of you supported 
         these AbharaNa Kiankaryam;these were presented to
         the Divya Dampathis during August 1996. )

Oct 11 :New AbharaNa SamarpaNam at Oppiliappan Koil 
        *** Mutthangi for Uthsavar Divya Dampathis
        *** Ruby/Emerald/Diamond/Pearls Crown (ANDAL KONDAI)
            for Sri Bhoomi Devi ThAyAr 
        *** Gem-studded Jatakothsu for ThAyAr
        *** Emerald Parrot for the hand of Bhoomi Devi
( Thanks to all of you , who supported this Kaimkaryam )

*Special Thirumanjanam for the Periya PerumAL 

*Veethi PurappAdu in the evening
*Release of the special souvenir for the occasion
with essays on the ThiruviNNagarappan's mahimai
by leadign scholars of Sri VaishNavism ( Sevaa
SwamigaL , Dr.V.N. Vedantha Desikan,
the author of AzhwAr ThiruvuLLam , Sri KaruNAkaran
and Sri Padmanabhan of DevanArviLAgam Azhagiya Singar Family 
and others ); The contributions by Sriman Anbil Ramaswamy
on Poundarikapuram Asramam's connection to ThiruviNNagar,
Sri Rengarajan's article on SaraNAgathi Paasuram of
NammAzhwAr and adiyen"s article " ThiruviNNagarappan
is Veda NaarAyaNan " are also included in this souvenir .

Sunday Night : Oct 11 Departure by Train/car to SriVillipputthUr 
Monday : Presentation of RaaNi sevai AabharaNams to 
SooDikkoduttha NaacchiyAr by Kaimkarya Sri Padma
Veeraraghavan and GodhA Priya Kainkarya Committee of Chennai.
Desika Rathnam Sevaa SwamigaL will preside over this function .
Monday :Oct 12 PM Departure for Srirangam :
Tuesday:Oct 13 AM : Sevai of the Divya Dampathis of Srirangam
Tuesday PM : ThiruvahIndrapuram : Swami Desikan and 
Sri HemAbhjavalli SamEtha Sri DevanAthan & MadhurAnthakam
and return to Madras or via ThirukkovalUr (DehaLIsan ).

Wednesday:Oct 14 : Thiruvellur , Sri PerumbhUthUr & Kanchi/Thuppul
Thursday :Oct 15 : Thirupathi : Day trip
Friday :Oct 16: Sri ParthasArathy and Sri Vedavalli 
         ThAyAr and TeLLiya Singham Temple Visit

Sriman K.G. KrishNan , father of Sri Anantha PadmanAbhan
of University of Connecticut , Sriman Seva Swamy and 
Sri Venakatanathan , the grandson of the Sri NavanItham 
KrishNamachASrya Swamy will join me in some of these pilgrimages.
Sriman Alwar is meeting with me at Chennai and is
bringing MahA prasAdham from Melkote to prepare for
the Journey to Oppiliappan Koil and Sri VilliputthUr .
While there , we will explore the ways to strengthen
and complete the CD ROM Kaimkaryam for Acharya RaamAnujA.
Saturday :Oct 17: Early Morning : 2.25 AM Return Journey to New York.

My sister's Home Phone number is : 474-2108 
Her address is : C/O Sri Mukunda Mani , 
19-20 Station Road 
Kailas Apartments 
West mambalam , Chennai.

As you can imagine , it is a hectic trip and seek 
all of your prayers and the SaraNya Dampathi's anugraham 
to complete this trip safely and return here .

NamO NamO NaarAyaNAya !
Daasan , SadagOpan