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Thiruvaaymozhi 10.4- "kaNdEn kamala malar paadham"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Oct 06 1998 - 02:16:20 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Emperumaan, seeing AzhwAr's pathetic appeals and sufferings, consoles 
our NammAzhwAr, saying "I will never ever leave you". And here is next 
ten of excitement and enjoyment of AzhwAr's.

1. Emperumaan is of dark, black cloud colour. He has Lotus like eyes; He 
is there in pancha bhUthAs., namely, Water, Space, Earth, Fire and Air. 
He has the Strongest ChakrA in His Hand and His name is always uttered 
loudly by NityasUris. Such Greatest Lord- Primordial Chief, VibhUthi 
nAthan- is a sarva sowlabhyan to allow Himself tied to a small rope and 
is accessible to His devotees (through archAvataaram). ("etthiRam 
iNaindhiRandhEnghiya eLivE"). His Lotus Feet are the easiest means for 
Bhakti maargam. They are the only means.

2. Bhagawaan is the Biggest Chief of all dEvAs of celestial world. He 
can NOT be seen by those who can NOT think of Him in their minds and 
thoughts. He is the Beautiful Red eyed Lord who has Sri MahALakshmi in 
His Chest. Such Emperumaan alone removes my karmic diseases (puNya 
paapams) and enslaves me daily.

3. The Emperumaan who holds Chakram, protects me and rules me. Hence, I 
am blessed to get rid of the grief stricken birth cycle. Since, I am 
blessed with Bhagawaan's grace, whose help do I need any more and what 
for? No need to get anything done by any one else. The lovely eyed- 
Feminine Beauty Nappinnai's Lord Sri KrishNan's Feet- I am blessed to 
realise and adorn Them on my head.

4. I have worn Bhagawaan's Lotus Feet on my head. The PerumAn, who has 
His Yoga NidrA on the Banyan leaf  is gracefully and mercifully showing 
Himself at ThirumalA, to the entire satisfaction of even NityasUris. 
That Sri Nivaasan- Emperumaan has entered into my heart and stayed here. 
The Emperumaan who has thus stayed in my heart can not be removed from 
me by any one- I can say that fearlessly and firmly. I am so grateful 
and thankful to Him for His such a mercy on me.

5. I am firm that He will never ever leave my heart. My Lord- My Master 
- The One who has ChakrAyudham in His Hand- does all His acts without 
letting others know at all. He can NOT be praised by those who are NOT 
His devotees. He is the Truthful Lord for His devotees, while He is the 
Opposite for His non - believers (non-devotees) ("mey pOlum poy 
vallan"). (Srimad Azhagiya Singar 45th Pattam has narrated in one of his 
thiruppaavai upanyaasams that KaNNan is "Maayavan", because He had not 
even let Balaraman realise His taking the forms of Cow, Calves and other 
cowherd boys whom BrahmA had abducted.- Such a Maayavan is He!- KaLvan.) 
Emperumaan who has AdhisEshan as His Bed- is our beloved One and is the 
Only One for us to reach.

6. Emperumaan has got AdhisEshan as His Bed and reclines on AdhisEshan. 
He always showers mercy on His devotees who enjoy Him with their bhakti 
towards Him and by keeping Him in their hearts with sincere bhakti. 
Emperumaan has sivan, in a part of His ThirumEni. I am blessed by 
Emperumaan to pay obeisance to the Lotus feet of such Greatest 

7.  My Lord is like the Brightest Blue Gem. He is the One who destroyed 
the asurA by name madhu. He fights with His Reddish Golden ChakrAyudham. 
Such a Swami removed my birth cycle and all my sorrows and enslaved me 
completely. Hence, hereafter samsaaric ills will not catch me at all. Oh 
Mind!  Daily you pay obeisance to such most merciful Paramapurushan. 

8. Bhagawaan holds His ChakrA in His Hand. He is the Grandest and 
Greatest Lord of all and is much beyond even the Great, proud, blessed 
NityasUris. During Cosmic cycle end, (PraLayam), He alone stays put. He 
is the One who creates everything including Time. He is the One who 
appeared as "KaNNan" and went behind the cows. He is the One who lifted 
the huge, Big Govardhana mountain with His little finger effortlessly, 
and saved the cows. Oh My dear mind! Never ever forget such Greatest 
Emperumaan's Lotus feet and enjoy. That blissful enjoying Life of ours 
alone is permanent.

9. SarvEshwaran KaNNan has already blessed us with His upadEsam (in His 
GithOpadEsam) saying "Always pay obeisance to Me and serve Me and 
surrender unto Me alone". As commanded by Him, I have been blessed to 
realise His Lotus feet. Then and there, I am able to get all my enemies 
(the karmic diseases) have vanished. ("kaNdEn kamala malar paadham").

10. Wherever we see, Brahmaadi dEvAs (Brahma and others) prostrate to 
Emperumaan's Lotus Feet and pay their obeisance by offering fragrant 
smoke (from incense sticks), lamps, fresh flowers, pure water and 
perform ArAdhanA. Such Greatest Emperumaan Madhavan's Lotus Feet alone 
are "our" protection. (here "our" includes the Ekaanthins (bhakhAs who 
pray to Lord for material pursuits), Bhakthi Yogis and Prapannas).

11. Sri SadagOpar of Vazhudhi naadu has sung 1000 pAsurams on Emperumaan 
Parama Purushan KaNNan, who killed mallars, with His strong shoulders. 
Out of these 1000, readers of this ten will BE PROTECTED TO THE GREATEST 

 NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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