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Control of Mind - Part 6 ( Role of Yoga)
Date: Mon Oct 05 1998 - 18:39:16 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas:
Presented below is Part 6 on Control of Mind (Role of Yoga)
Anbil Ramaswamy
Control of Mind - Part  6 (Role of Yoga)

Some tantric practitioners have pushed the Hatayoga to ridiculous extents so
that they lead to the use of drugs, dopes, speed, crack, angel dust,
tranquilizers, trips, psychedelic inhibitions, hallucinogens, marijuana,
hashish, peyote, mescaline, cocaine, LSD, and other chemical designer  potions
in order to gain what they had missed due to improper yoga practices like
twisting  themselves in the shape of human knots or other odd shapes with
disastrous results of bodily degeneration and mental alteration bordering on

As a matter of fact, one could be quite hale and hearty indeed without all
these contortions that serve as no more than exhibitionist stunts. The only
thing that happens is that these tantrics develop a bloated idea of self
importance which in reality they do not possess. 

This only shows how unevolved they are in spiritual terms which however calls
for an opposite kind of quality viz. Humility. Really evolved persons do not
indulge in these stupid acrobatics since they divert attention from what is
most important spiritually.

Such strenuous physical exercises are claimed to be `Rajayoga.' But Rajayoga
actually belongs to another category of a benignant kind whereas Hata yoga
especially the Tantra part of it bristles with those of a malignant kind. In
any case, these  practices are neither necessary nor desirable nor are they
authorized by Sastras which describe in detail how Jeeva escapes  through
about 72,000 Nadis  of which 100 move upwards including 'Ida' and 'Pingala'
and how the Jeeva of a Prapanna (surrendered soul) avoids all these and rising
through the spinal column escapes through a special 101st Nadi known as
Sushumna, Murdhanya or Brahma Nadi on the top of the crown of the head at the
time of death with minimum effort ensuring maximum effect. All these Nadis are
invisible nerve fibers of energy channels of the subtle inner bodies (Sukshma
Sareera) of Jeevas.

But, one thing is certain. Practicing Yoga properly as prescribed in Yoga
Sastras bestows on the practitioner certain extraordinary powers called
"May be in modern concepts the word can be linked to the E.S.P (Extra-sensory-
perception), Para-normal-potential, Mystical power or plainly magical skill"

Though several Siddhis have been identified, the most important ones are eight
in number called Ashta Maha Siddhis. They are

i. Anima (Becoming Small) : Reducing one's size to the point of an atom (anu).
This is said to be achieved by meditating on the Lord as pervading the
Tanmatras - Sabda, Sparsa, Rupa, Rasa, and Gandha.

ii. Mahima (Becoming Big) : Expanding one's size to unimaginably giant
proportions. This is said to be achieved by meditating on the Lord as Mahat
tatva or Cosmic mind.

iii Laghima (Weightlessness) : Making oneself light in weight so as to float
in air without any support like a feather in the wind. This weightlessness is
said to be achieved by meditating on the Lord as inherent in atoms.

iv. Garima (Heaviness) : Making oneself incredibly weighty so that nobody can
move the Sadaka.

v. Praapti (Pervading) : Also known as 'Vyaapti`- penetrating through barriers
and obstacles. This is said to be achieved by meditating on the Lord in his
aspect of Satvika Ahankara.

vi. Prakamyam (Materializing) : To bring unseen objects within the view of
all. This is achieved by meditating on the Lord as the Sutradhari or

vii Eesitvam (Lordship) : Having control over others. This is achieved by
meditating on the Lord as the Lord of Trigunas.

viii.  Vasitvam (Subjugation) : Attracting others. This is achieved by
meditating on Lord as primal Lord "Adhi Purusha."
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