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From: sudarshan (
Date: Mon Oct 05 1998 - 10:01:30 PDT

Dear Mani,
I've got my version from a local Sankara Mutt friend of mine.
He generally makes no mistake in getting his historical facts.
If you and Sri."Rengi" do come up with inaccuracies it must be that I have
goofed and got it wrong from this friend of mine.
I await your research findings.
While you are on it can you also please check out any authentic "pramAnam"
to show that Parvati and Vishnu are siblings. Another member, Sri.Michael
Tandy posed me this question in a private mail and I can't seem to lay my
hands on any ready references in my horribly disorganized pile of personal
scrap-books. Another good member (who does not wish to be named) wants to
know how the "cow" came to be such a venerated symbol in Vedantic
faith/literature and what are the roots of this ancient symbolism.(I am not
sure if the cow is "symbolism"!)
These are all excellent questions which I feel should be discussed
threadbare on the list amongst erudite members like all of you. Please