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Re: purAna & the sibling ideal-Part 7 (concluding)

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Sun Oct 04 1998 - 17:15:58 PDT

Sudarshan wrote:
> It is also said that Vishnu, the beloved brother of Parvati, who greatly
> grieved over her marital condition, proceeded to propitiate Lord Siva by
> installing two deities in the temple at "tEr-ezhundUr" or
> "gOsakha-kshEtram". Siva is thus known to this day in the two temples as
> "vEda-purIsvara" and "aa-maruviyappan" ( "aa" again being an archaic Tamil
> synonym for the cow!). 

This doesn't seem correct.  From what I recall, it is PerumaaL alone
who is known as "aamaruviyappan" at thErezhundhUr.  Rengi, can you fill
us in on the correct sthala-purANa story? I am not sure where Sudarshan
has got his version (Sudarshan, perhaps you can clarify), but some of
the other details he has presented here are not from the tErezhundhUr 

I await clarification from both members.