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question on Mannargudi

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli (
Date: Sun Oct 04 1998 - 11:14:30 PDT

Dear Members,

I have one more question regarding Mannargudi Temple.

I was reading the puraana of this temple by one 
Sri M. Rajagopalan, who has indicated that Sri Manavaala
Maamunigal composed three stotras on Sri Vidya Rajagopalan,
the Lord of Mannargudi. They are (1) Gopala Vimsadhi, 
(2) Kamala Stotram and (3) Rajagopala Mangalam.

I was under the impression that Swami Desikar had 
composed Gopala Vimsadhi. Can some one clarify this?

If Sri MM had also compsed (another ??) Gopala Vimsadi, I 
wouldlike to get a copy of that stotra as well as other two 
mentioned above. I do not seem to have them listed among 
any of the publications on Sri MM (in my collection).


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