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From: V. Srimahavishnu (
Date: Sun Oct 04 1998 - 08:26:35 PDT

         Dear BhAgavatas,
                        My praNAmams to you all.In addition to the
information provided earlier by SrImAn Mohan Sagar,I would like to give
you one more address from where one can get Divya Prabandhams in Telugu
transliteration.They are published by SrImAn U.V. Palvancha Gudimella
Venkata Lakshmi Nrusimhacharyulu of Machilipatnam(A.P.).Below each Tamil
line in Telugu script,its Telugu meaning is given.Copies can be had from:
        Sriman P.T.G.V.L.N.Acharyulu,
        Venkata Lakshmi Nrusimha Press,
Please contact the publisher and confirm that the copies are available,as
I am doing this without his knowledge.
I was lucky enough to see him and have his blessings on the day of SrI
Jayanti,96.That day he gave a discourse on PeriyAlwAr's pASurams
glorifying the pastimes of the Lord with His mother YaSOdA.If I am not
wrong, he was a disciple of late  H.H.SrImAn T.K.Gopalaswamigal (spiritual
master of H.H.Tridandi Jeeyar Swamigal.)
                                                adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan