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Re: Swamy Desikan Thirunakshthram : PurattAsi SravaNam --Part 2

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Oct 03 1998 - 19:04:20 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

I will continue with the salutations to 
Swamy Desikan thru the highlighting of 
the kula dhanams that he left for us.

7) Sri VairAgya panchakam : Slokam 5

naasthi pithrArjitham kimchith
na mayA kimchith aarjitham
asthi mE Hasthi sailAgrE 
Vasthu PaithAmaham dhanam 

(Meaning ) : I do not have any wealth bequeathed
to me through my father's earnings ; I do not have 
any accumulated wealth from my own efforts. But , 
I have in my possession the wealth bequeathed to me 
by Brahmaa . That is the glorious one , which never
diminishes and came into my possession via the 
AsvamEdha Yaagam performed by BrahmA on top of 
Hasthi Giri .The name of that never diminishing 
wealth is PeraruLALan . Why would I be in need 
of any other wealth , while I have this special
Isvaryam ? 

8) Sri SaraNAgathi Deepikai: Slokam 12

tvAm matharam cha pitharam sahajam nivAsam
  santha: samEthya saraNam suhrudham gathim cha  
nissIma nithya niravadhya sukha prakAsam 
  DhIpaprakAsa savibhuthi guNam visanthi 

(Meaning ) : Oh ! Lord DhIpaprakasA !
Those BhagavathAs , who have true knowledge
about You recognize You as their Mother , Father ,
Brother, support (aadhAram ) , friend and the 
fruit of the effort and seek refuge at Your 
lotus feet . As a result of Your blessing them 
with the boon of Moksham , these BhagavathAs 
enjoy You without let in Sri Vaikuntham . They 
enjoy You immensely as the limitless , eternal , 
undiluted aanandha svarUpan , JnA~nap pirAn , possessor 
of limitless auspicious attributes and the Lord 
of both Nithya and LeelA VibhUthis .

9) Sri VeghA Sethu sthOthram : SlOkma 8

SaraNam upagathAnAm sOyam aadhEsakArI
  samayathi parithApam sammukha: sarva janthO:
satha guNa pariNAma: samnidhou yasya nithyam
  vara vitharaNa bhUmA VaaraNAdhrIsvarsya 

(Meaning ) : The EmperumAn of ThiruvehhA does as
told by the prapannAs , who have performed SaraNAgathi
at His sacred feet . He appears before all beings 
and removes their sorrows . Because of His proximity , 
the boon giving power of the Lord of Hasthi Giri 
grows one hundred fold .YathOkthakAri thus empowers 
the Varadhan's vara dhAna palan multifold .

10) Sri Ashta BhujAshtakam : SlOkam 9

prapanna Jana pAthEyam prapatthisUnAm rasAyanam
srEyasE jagadhAm yEthath Srimadh Ashta BhujAshtakam 

(Meaning ) : The Lord of Ashta Bhujam is the food 
for use for those who have performed Prapatthi 
at His lotus feet during their earthly existence .
He is also the curative medicine for those ,
who wish to perform prapatthi at His sacred feet 
and that removes their samsAric afflictions . This 
sthOthram on Ashtabhuja EmperumAn with His Devi
will confer auspiciousness on this world and its
beings .

11) Sri KamAsikAshtakam : SlOkam -8

tvayi rakshathi rakshakai: kimanyai:
  tvayi chArakshathi rakshakai: kimanyai:
ithi nischitha dhee: srayAmi nithyam 
  NruharE VegavathI taDAsrayam tvAm 

(Meaning ) : On Lord NarasimhA of ThiruvELukkai !
What is the purpose and benefit  of other Gods , 
when you have elected to protect us ? None.
What is the use of other Gods , when you have
decided not to come to our rescue ? None.
Understanding this doctrine very clearly ,
I have resolved firmly to seek the succor
of Thou , who resides on the banks of 
the river VegavathI .

12)Sri ParamArtha Sthuthi: Slokam 6

krupaNA : sudhiya: krupA sahAyam
 SaraNam tvAm RaNapungava prapannA :
apavarga nayAdh anya bhaavA :
 varivasyA rasamEkam aadhriyanthE 

(Meaning ) : Oh Lord who is the foremost 
among warriors ! Oh Lord Vijaya RaaghavA
of Thirupputkkuzhi ! The prapannAs , who 
comprehend clearly that they are not qualified 
to perform Bhakthi Yogam to reach you perform 
SaraNAgathi at Your sacred feet driven by 
the knowledge that You would protect them 
because of Your most merciful nature .
They do not get distracted by other Gods 
or any fruits other than Moksham . They 
only pray for kaimkarya soubhAgyam here on earth 
similar to the one that they covet in Your
parama padham .

13: Sri DevanAyaka PanchAsath: slOkam 45

chithram tvadhIya padha padmarAga parAga yOgAth
  yOgam vinApi yugapadh vilayam prayAnthi 
vishvanji nirjarapathE sirasi prajAnAm
  Vedha: svahastha likithAni dhuraksharANi 

(Meaning ) : Oh DevanAthA of ThiruvahIndhrapuram !
What a wonder the sacred dust from Your lotus 
feet perform ! The Brahma Lipi ( the message 
relating to the ills that would befall the people 
written by the Brahma Devan with his own hands 
at the time of one's birth )is erased instantly 
by the contact with the sacred dust particles 
associated with Your holy feet . Normally ,
prapannAs perform Bhakthi or Prapatthi Yogam 
to erase Brahma Lipi and its ill effects. But ,
in this case , without the benefit of any yogam , 
the dust from Your sacred feet instantaneously 
destroys the Brahma Lipi , once it is worn on
the PrapannA's  heads .

14: Sri Achyutha sathakam : Slokam 15

na kalu tava sadhrusa abhyadhikA : 
yEthAvath Jn~Ana saaram ithi 
jn~Athum Thridasanaatha ithara vichinthA 

(Meaning ) : Oh Lord DhaivanAyakA ! Oh Lord
of the Universe ! There is no one , who is 
equal or superior to You .You are the refuge
for the entire world and its beings . The whole
research (deliberation )is to understand that 
this truth is the essence of what one needs to know. 

NamO NamO NaarAyaNA ! 
Swami Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 
Oppiliappan Koil VaradachAri Sadagopan 

(To Be Continued )