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Fwd: Swami Desikan's thirunakshtram
Date: Thu Oct 01 1998 - 18:14:40 PDT


attached mail follows:

Sriman NigamAnta MahA DEsikayanama:
Dear Bhaktas and Swami DEsikan's sishyAs:
		It was very refreshing and satisfying to start Thiru Aradhanam with
recitation of Prabhanda sAram, Adaikkala pattu, etc and stotras as Hayagriva
stotram, Sri stuti, DasAvatAra stotram, Nyasa dasakam etc.  My grand father
Nedathur Veera-
raghavachariar, his brother, Krishnamachariar wereresponsible for maintaining
temple for Swami Desikan and Adivan Satagopan in Nellore, to which was later
added a Sannidhi for Srinivasar so that the Thiru Nakshatram (SAttumurai)
could be celebrated on a grand scale with MangalAsasanam.  For the past 30
years I have been doing kainkaryam for this festival to keep up the family
tradition though I have not been physically present there.  However I have
pleasant memories of going 
everyday during the 10 day festival and participating in stotra pAta
     I am so happy to read the contributions of all the members on our
heritage and the rich sampradayam our Guru parampara left for us.  I
congratulate all of you for
celebrating Swami Desikan's Tirunakshatram by contributing these articles.

DEsikan ThiruvadigaLe Saranam.