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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Oct 01 1998 - 04:39:30 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

The web page for Sri Bhumi Devi Sametha 
Sri Oppilaippan was down for a few days .For the information of
those , who wish to have the darsanam of the divya dampathis
on this Purattasi SravaNam day ( the birht day of 
Sri Oppiliappan/Sri Dakshina VenkatEsan and Swamy Desikan ,
His gantAvatharan ) You may wish to viist this site .
The AbharaNa samarpaNam is scheduled for Oct 11 
at Oppilia[ppan Sannidhi. Please visit the  section on 
MaaNicckka Kondai Kaimkaryam and other sections .
May the divya dampathis confer their blessings on you all, 
Daasan , V.Sadagopan 
P.S :The address is