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Re: Fwd: Need Meaning Of Samskrit Words

From: Shree (
Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 11:23:22 PST


I had posted the question about akalpaH etc. on sanskrit-digest.
Here is the reply

      From:             Siva Pandyaram <>

Here is my .02c. Let me know where the akalpaH word is used and I'll 
tell you whether this meaning is appropriate or not.

kalpaH = equivalent/competent

saMkalpaH = thought 
  equivalent to your intention, or when you 
  formed (expressed) it with language, you can call it thought.
vikalpaH = option
  (visheshheNa kalpaH, equivalent in many ways)
na+kalpaH = akalpaH = not equivalent
  (or "not competent" when used for comparison)

maharshhikalpaH = equivalent to Maharshhi

See R-B-5-23.txt:
taamagnimadbhirguNavadbhiraavR^itaaM  dvijottamairvedashhaDa~NgapaaragaiH |
sahasradaiH satyaratairmahaatmabhirmaharshhikalpaiH R^ishhibhishcha kevalaiH
||23 ||