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The sweetest AzhwAr-Madhurakavi AzhwAr

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Sun Oct 26 1997 - 21:15:58 PST

Respected sri vaishNavALs,

SrimAn vEnkata nAthArya kavitArkika kEsari /
vEdAntAchArya varyOmE sannidatthAm sadAhridi //

As already mentioned in "NammAzhwAr" post, AzhwAr Madhurakavi is the
one who helped us by compiling the outpourings of NammazhwAr; Not just
that, he also sang 11 beutiful "andhAdhi" style pAsurams starting with
"kaNNinun siRutthAmbhu" which do not have any parallel to any other
pAsuram/slOka for AchArya Bhakti. He sang these pasurams only in praise of
his AchArya "nammAzhwAr" and claimed, in the end, that one can attain
mOkshA certainly and definitely after reciting just these 11 pAsurams. It
is also told that Nathamuni, who  compiled 4000 pAsurams of AzhwArs, was
blessed with a darshan of nammAzhwAr and was given a set of all 12 AzhwArs'
pAsurams (by NammAzhwAr himself) after he recited Madhurakavi's 11
bhakti-laden pAsurams on nammAzhwAr 12000 times. (Brothers, that is the
dynamite packed power of Madhurakavi's pAsurams). Let us ber blessed by the
biography of this mahAn.

Madhurakavi (meaning in sanskrit the sweet poet), a vainathEya (divine
bird) incarnate, was born in the year Easwara, chitrai month and in chitrai
nakshatram at ThirukkOLoor. He learnt Tamizh and sanskrit and became a
great scholar in both the languages. He was a great BhaktA of Sriman
NarAyaNa and had an excellent conduct. He was on visits to the North India
and obtained divya Darshans of AyodhyA, gayA, Badri, DwArakA etc., and He
chose to stay at AyOdhyA as he could not resist being attracted by the
Holiness of Sri RAMA's birth place. From there, he was dragged by an
unconrolled desire to follow the new Southern BRIGHT Star/Light appeared in
the sky (as seen only by his eyes at night) and found himself at the feet
of the Greatest AzhwAr "NammAzhwAr". After a brief encounter (Please read
the post on NammAzhwAr for details), he prayed to NammAzhwAr requesting him
to protect and accept him as his disciple. From then on, he stayed with
NammAzhwAr and complied all pAsurams of NammAzhwAr. Madhurakavi was so much
devoted to NammAzhwAr, his AchAryA, that he held him equal to (higher than)
Lord Sri nArAyaNa (You will agree that the Lord asks for that BhAgavatha
Bhakti more than Bhagavadh Bhakti).   

After NammAzhwAr departed from this earthly world, he was blessed with a
Golden vigraham of NammAzhwAr which he cosecrated and performed
ThiruvarAdhanA and uthsavams in his honour. He was impressed by
nammAzhwAr's works so much that wanted to stage NammAzhwAr's works in front
of other scholars. the sangam poets objected to such claims and praises
NammazhwAr who had no connection with Sangam ( a big deal!). Madhurakavi,
it seems was saddened by this protest and was weeping literally.
NammAzhwar, appeared as an old Brahmin and consoled him saying " Do not
woory about these petty issues, my child, You just place this pasuram of
"kaNNan kazhaliNai..." on a boat (sangap palagai) and watch the fun" and
disappeared. Madhurakavi did the same and the boat, it is told capsized
throwing out all the jealous, haughty poets while it retained only the leaf
containing "kaNNan kazhaliNai.." 

It is also told that each one of those poets struggled to reach the shore
and composed a verse dedicating to NammAzhwAr. And when they were about to
publish their verses, they were simply AMAZED to find that each one wrote
the same verse in same words; (What a marvel! what a divine AzhwAr and
Divine Disciple!-simply made for each other) 

The sangam chief says " NammAzhwAr's works are superior and other poets are
like flies compared to Garudan (that is NammAzhwAr); fire flies (minmini)
in the presence of sun; dogs in front of the ferrocious tiger; wolf before
the Lord NrsimhA, ugly clumsy dwarfs dancing before the havenly beautiful
OOrvasi- All their works are not equal to even one utterance of

Madhurakavi's eyes were full of tears for his (his AchAryA's) success; The
eleven pAsurams are counted as part of 4000 verses simply because the whole
of 4000 pasurams is claimed to be Bhagavadh vishayam while Madhurakavi's is
on his AchAryA which is the central gem that sheds lustre on the other jems
of the garland (so says MaNavALa mAmunigaL). It is the work that holds the
key to the treasure of other pAsurams. 

Needless to say, NAthamuni's thaniyans (Thaniyan means dedeicated verse) on
this AzhwAr depict the glory of AzhwAr and it is neccessary for us to be
blessed by such Great BhaktALs; Before we conclude about this mahAn who
performed AchArya Nishtai and attained the feet of mOksham, let us get
benefitted by the rich two thaniyans of NAthamuni:
Aviditha Vishaya Antharas /Sadaarer Upanishadam Upagaana Matra Bogah / 
Abhi Saguna Vasaath Tad Eka Seshee /Madhura Kavir Hridaye Mamaavirastu /
(in sanskrit)
" Here is one who knew none other than Nammalwar; the one who made it his
mission in life to sing the Tamizh upanishadam of Nammalwar; The one being
overwhelmed by Nammalwar held him as his very God; Let such Madhurakavi
fill my heart" (our hearts, too)

Veronrum Naan Ariyen Vedam Tamizh Seitha /Maaran Sadakopan Vun Kurugur -
Yeru Engal /Vaazhvaam Enru Ethum Madhura Kaviyaar Emmai /
Aalwaar Avare Saran /
(in Tamizh)
Madhurakavi said -" I do not know anything other than Nammalwar also known
as Maaran(original name of NammAzhwAr) who rendered in Tamil the essence of
the Vedas and who is the head of Tirukkurugur. This Madhurakavi is OUR
master. He is THE guardian of the group of Prapannaas.(and Bhakti Group-
Nathamuni has spoken just on our behalf- Let us recite everyday these 11
pAsurams and be blessed!)

MadhurakaviAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam
Nathamuni ThiruvadigaLe saraNam 

Ram Ram
adiyEn madhava dAsan