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Post this and email to your friends on Sunday

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Oct 26 1997 - 05:38:08 PST

Dear Members : On the recent posting on
Saint Thyagaraja's Gowlai Pancharathnam ,
There was a "humorous typo " as pointed out 
by one of our dear members .
I had typed " Mithya kaimkaryam " instead of
Nithya Kaimkaryam . It was hilarious.
Instead of the eternal service to the Lord 
that the Saint wished , I put him in the category
of " False kaimkaryam " . My apologies 
to Saint Thyagaraja of all great ones ! 

I am also enclosing a posting from Dr.Gerald 
Surya on Bhagavan Dhanvanthri , whose birthday 
is next week .This might eb of interest to some
of you .
V . Sadagopan  
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RE:	Post this and email to your friends on Sunday

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Subject: Post this and email to your friends on Sunday

Dear Bhaktas,

The origins of the ancient healing science known as Ayurveda are lost in
cosmic antiquity.  According to the ancient text Caraka-samhita, this
"Science of Life and Longevity" is eternal and is revealed in each universe
in each of its infinite cycles of creation and destruction.   This healing
science is generally revealed by great sages or demigods.  Occasionally, the
Supreme Lord Himself descends as the avatara (incarnation) Dhanvantari and
re-inaugurates the tradition of Ayurveda.  This extremely rare appearance of
God is recorded in the Vedic literature of ancient India.   

Dhanvantari's appearance is celebrated each year on the 13th day (trayodasi)
of the waxing moon a few days before the Divali, corresponding to October 28
in this year of 1997.  Go to the website below to enjoy the story, rare
pictures, and even a sound clip of a hymn (stotra) about the avatara of


Gerald Surya