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From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Fri Oct 24 1997 - 06:17:13 PDT

>During  the course of this nadhOpaasanA ,
>Saint ThyagarAja celebrated the glory of the Lord , saluted
>His naama mahimai , His  rUpa mahimai , argued 
>with Him about His "indifference " , blamed his own 
>inadequacies that stood in the way of the Lord's grace , 
>expressed his visvAsam in the Lord as the saraNAgatha
>rakshakan ,  saluted the parama bhakthAs of the Lord 
>such as PrahlAdhA , NaaradhA , HanUmAn and begged 
>the Lord to bless him with mithya kaimkarya Sri . 
>This typo added a humorous touch to this wonderful description.  It reminds
>us of the time when Ravana Kumbhakarna and Vibheeshana did penance to
>propitiate Brahma.  Kumbhakarna wanted to ask for Indra's asanam.  Indra got
>scared that he would lose his position and went and pleaded with Saraswati.
>She obliged and sat on Kumbhakarna's tongue.  When it was time to ask for the
>boon Kumbhakarna asked for Nidrasanam instead and so he slept from then on.
>It was only on the pleading of Ravana to Brahma, that the latter relented and
>said that Kumbhakarna could wake up for one day, every 6 months.  The 3
>brothers epitomize the 3 gunas.  Ravana was in Rajo guna, Kumbhakarna was in
>Tamo guna and Vibheeshana in Sattva Guna.