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Songs on Krishna

Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 18:07:21 PDT

Revered prapatti groupmembers:

I would like to thank mr. madhavan from singapore for the beautiful poems on 
Lord Krishna. The "Akarshana shakti" of Krishna is such that songs on Him in 
any language, composed by almost anyone, (from Mirabai to Ambujam Krishna to 
Poet Jayadeva to the Hindi movie lyricist who set "Jasumati maiyaa se bole 
nandalala" to music) describing Him using any one of His many names, are all 
Exquisitely Sweet. He is truly "Madhuraadhipathi". I've been trying to 
resist quoting some of my many favorites, because i'm sure most Bhakti 
groupmembers would know them....but sri. madhavan's latest posting on the 
Surdas bhajan and the questions at the end:
(when are we going to see that amudhan literally ?-How long can we only 
imagine and visualize kaNNA!)

 draw me to reply with a favorite song: (Sri. T.N. Seshagopalan sings this 

Kannai thirandhu paar maname....... (3)
Endhakkaalamum thavam seidhaalum kaannadharidhaagiya Madhavan
Veguneramaaga Kaathirukkiraan undhan munname......Jnana.....
Kannai thirandhu paar maname........

(I love the way the literal meaning of "Open your eyes" takes us to a whole 
new level when one adds "jnana...kannai...") The feeling that the Lord is so 
near, right in front of you, and He is waiting for you to come to your 
senses, makes the longing all the more urgent, and the goal seem 
reachable....just to help us with our limited imagination, the song goes on 
to describe:

"neela vanna thogai onru nithaminri aadi aadi nrittam idum azhaginai 
nenje unai allum manthaara maalaigal ninru asaindhaaduvadhai
kkann thirandhu kaannaai
(you are unable to see the Beautiful Blue peacock feather as it flutters and 
dances (as He plays the flute)...oh, heart, you are unable to sense those 
exquisite garlands made of fragrant mandhaara flowers and unable to see them 
swaying as He dances)

kaalai vallaithu ninru gaanakkuzhaloodhum andha kaatchiyinai .......
kann thirandhu paaraai..
unaikkaanna kaanna cholliyum nee kaannaadhu ponaal
kaalamellaam pogudhu veennaai...
(oh, that Sight, as He bends His right foot over the left and plays the 
flute...and telling you again and again to SEE...if you refuse to do so, 
Time is simply lost....)

kannai thirandhu paar maname...."

Reminds me also of a poet who describes how Radha, acting shy and bending 
Her head and refusing to look at Him as She stands in front of Sri Krishna, 
is actually enjoying the Sight of His reflection in a pearl on Her 
necklace....even if all we can do is imagine and visualize today, poets make 
it all so much more madhuram....

Baso mere nainan mein, Nandalal....
viji raghunathan